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LTC, cardiac, ortho rehab
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jelorde37 specializes in LTC, cardiac, ortho rehab.

im 21 years old, lvn-rn student.

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  1. jelorde37

    Future LVN - Accepted - Sutter County One Stop 2010-2012

    congrats!!!! nursing school will be tough, but it will also be a very rewarding experience. wish u success in your education. good luck!
  2. jelorde37

    Has anyone successfully completed an LVN-to-RN program?

    lol youll do great in AP. its very interesting stuff and it will further solidify prior knowledge that you have regarding AP. But that would be awesome if you could test out of nursing 1. i honestly did not learn anything new in nursing 1. the only thing that i found somewhat challenging was performing new procedures just because i have never ever done them before. other than that, i believe that the majority of the theory content was stuff that we have learned in the LVN program... goodluck momtojosh!!!
  3. jelorde37

    What are clinicals all about????

    basically, clinicals is a time for you practice being a nurse and do nurse stuff(depends on your scope, what material u guys have covered, and how comfortable your instructor is). fun stuff tho. just be prepared whenever you have to pass meds or do procedures.
  4. jelorde37

    whats wrong with wanting to work for a LTC

    commuter is correct! but u got to remember that everyone deserves good nursing care. plus, becoming and lvn will only open up more doors for u. any advancement in education is a positive. many people tend to forget that.
  5. jelorde37

    Has anyone successfully completed an LVN-to-RN program?

    i became an lvn in 2006 and im currently in the 4th semester of an adn program. i had to do the entire rn program due to the fact that my school did not offer an lvn-rn bridge program. to be honest, i felt that the lvn program was a lot more difficult than the RN program. i also feel that my lvn experience provided me a solid foundation for the RN program. good luck
  6. jelorde37

    not sure I believe the nursing shortage...

    well, if there aint a shortage right now, then there will be considering that the average age of a nurse is over 50 years old. pretty soon they will retire and academia salary isnt competitive enough to draw in more nurse educators. i remember reading somewhere that by 2015 or so, the US nursing schools will have to graduate/supply 90% more nurses in order to keep up with demand. lets say that they do somehow supply 90% more nurses, how many of those new grad nurses are willing to work sucky jobs in which the nursing shortage are prevalent in? i dont know whats going to happen to the future of nursing, atleast working environment is concerned, but im want to change that and promote the success of nursing. by the way, these numbers arent the actually numbers, but these are what i remember from the article i read not too long ago.
  7. jelorde37

    CNA to LPN?

    i went straight lvn, but i have talked many great CNAs to continue on for their lvn. as far as school and tuition, the facility i work at is willing to pay for their tuition but they are gonna be required to work 2 years after graduation. regarding the academic aspects, the CNAs i talked into going back to school love it. they state that their CNA experience is helping them out. honestly, its making them better CNAs cause they can better report to me any abnormalities they see.
  8. jelorde37

    Dating Patients

    i've never dated a patient but i have been harassed by same sex patients-kinda weird if i may add...
  9. jelorde37

    Dating at work

    dude, i wish work was like grey's anatomy, but the sad truth is that most of the time it is not. it would be cool and make work kind of exciting, but think of the drama that would be involved, specially during a conflict. imagine getting the silent treatment during a code that only you and your significant other are running? i see someone getting shocked.
  10. jelorde37

    LPN or RN

    lvns in cali make atleast 40k a year and we are used in hospice a lot. we cant administer ivp meds, but the majority of meds in our hospices are SL/PO/or PR(morphine, ativan, and compro). so no problems there. check with your bon and confer with hospice agencies in your area.
  11. i wont lie to you, theres a lot of bad things that can happen in a shift. but the beauty about it is when your patients say that you are their favorite, when your co-workers always asks you to reassess their patient for them cause of your skills, or when your superiors automatically give you the hardest run cause they trust you, it feels good. i dont know about other people, but these are some things that i learned to look at in a positive way. and occasionally, you will have some setbacks and problems, but always take it as a learning experience.
  12. jelorde37


    my brother and i turned in our applications for fall2008 Generic RN program at a local cc about a month ago. anyways, we got our acceptance letters today and he ended up getting in while i got rejected. it totally sucks because i pushed him to actually turn in an application. he's a new grad lvn while ive worked as an lvn for 2 years and have a higher gpa than him... dont get me wrong, im happy for him, but i feel bad about me getting rejected... ohwell, i guess ill have to apply for spring 2009 now. sorry, just needed to vent.
  13. jelorde37

    How Many Lpn Students Made It Out Of Your Class

    60 started, 39 graduated and only two out of the 39 didnt pass the nclex on the first try.
  14. i graduated from acc back in 2005. really great school with really great teachers. they are kind of strict with grades, dress codes, attend... overall, i think it was a great school and they really prepared me well for the real world.
  15. jelorde37

    Hey, y'all .... new LPN student here...

    coool... congrats to all that have been accepted.
  16. jelorde37

    I am so bummed out. GPA makes me sad.

    i know how you feel. im taking a&p2 and micro right now, and my grade for a&P is just horrible. lets just say that i have a chance to pass a&P with a b, but thats going to take lots of hard work and a miracle to accomplish. on the other hand, i have a 98% in micro, which is pretty good i guess. but anyways, good luck.