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Go ahead and introduce yourself to our little online community! I suppose I'll start. I completed an LVN program in the Los Angeles area in October 2005, passed NCLEX-PN in January 2006, and have... Read More

  1. by   pattilpn2
    Quote from Suesquatch

    Graduated May 2006, licensed June 2006, LTC until September when I got a med/surg job from which I was fired (I didn't "fit in") in November.

    I'm waiting now for a CPNE date. Anyone doing Excelsior, it CAN be done!
    Wow! i am really inspired to go back after reading your post! Thanks!! how is excelsior?, i started with rue a long time ago ?2002? and only did NC1. Just passed with a c, then i got scared and have not returned to it since. With this boards, i am now having 2nd thoughts with returning and will only do it with excelsior, as i have heard only good things...any bad things???? lol!!! THANKS AGAIN!!
  2. by   Ruper
    Just graduated LPN school on 12/19/07. Hope/plan to take my boards in January. Not sure where I'm going to work yet. Would love med/surg, but not many hospitals in my area hire LPN's soooooo.
    I've enrolled in TCN to do my prereqs and Excelsior College to complete my ADN.
    Getting into a ADN class program is almost impossible in my area and I'm ready to keep going.
  3. by   pattilpn2
    WOOOOHOOOO!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   Ruper
    Thanks pattilpn2, I don't think it has all soaked in yet .... I'm a nurse! I am so honored!
  5. by   MBANurse
    Hello Everyone...

    Kevin here... well I enlisted in the Army when I was 17 and became a Combat Medic. After 3 years as an Infantry Medic I went to 91C school (Army Practical Nurse Course). My first "job" was in a Mixed Med Surg Peds floor for about 2.5 years. From there I went Korea and was a Night Shift Supervisor in Urgent Care Clinic (2 bed ED LMAO) on Camp Casey. After Korea I went to Fort Hood and worked in the ICU for three years and did moonlighting with home health agencies.

    I left Active Duty and Joined the reserves in 2004. Since I left AD I was a supervisor in a 8 Doctor clinic; FP IM and Peds;
    I obtained a BS in Business and then became a VN instructor. I just completed my MBA and I will soon be deploying again with my reserve unit.
  6. by   MedicalLPN
    I'm 19 I graduated LPN school this past May, before that I was a CNA close to two years and worked in LTC, ALF, and ultimately a medical tele unit in a hospital. I still work on this unit now as an LPN, I'm taking 12 credits next semester general courses towards my associate's degree in nursing. My areas of interest that I would like to pursue when I get my associate's are Psych, hospice, and critical care, (odd trio I know!). I just hope I'll have the stanima to accomplish my dreams!
  7. by   KYGrace
    I have been an LPN for 18 years and have worked in various areas, thanks to working for a staffing agency. Currently work in LTC, which is where it all started 23 years ago as a CNA. I have worked in hospitals, doctor's office and in administration--always go back to LTC.
  8. by   NurseKristi
    My name is Kristi and I graduated LPN school in Michigan in Aug of 2007, took and passed the boards in Sept 2007......Currently working in LTC where I worked as a CNA for 5 years prior to nursing school......I start back with my last 3 RN pre- reqs in Jan 2008.....Hopefully I will be on my way to RN in 2009!
  9. by   smir953328
    Hello all,

    I'm an old timer. Been an LVN for 31 yrs. Worked in the clinical settings for 23 years in all areas except ER and OR. My passions were in NICU and Psych. I left the hospital setting and started working in the medical management industry 8 years ago doing Utilization Management (UM) and Case Management (CM). I am now the UM Supervisor for a large insurance company that deals primarily with TPA's that offer health care benefits to self insured employers.
    I am enrolled with Excelsior College and trying to combine family (2 teens and a new husband), full time job (50-60 hr./wk), and school. I took my first exam (NC1) in Jan. and failed with a D . I am now reviewing all my study materials and plan to retest soon. My plate is full and it is difficult, but I'm going to succeed with determination and prayer.lsebeg:

    Good luck to all fellow students and congrats to all new nurses on a job well done.

  10. by   Snickers&DtCoke
    Hi, I've been 'lurking" around the site for about 1 year now... I have finally settled on an appropriate "name" for myself, being my favorite meal-on-the-fly :wink2:. I thought I'd make my first post in a Roll call type place.

    Anyways... I graduated in 2007, licensed shortly thereafter. Got hired in long term care facility right away... about the only place that hires LPNs in the area. I am happy in my job. Though I wish I could find a Mon-Fri,8-4, no holidays job that pays what LTC, 2nd shift does. Thank Goodness I am able to work part time!
  11. by   carol20lpn
    hello! i have been an lpn for 38 (oh my gosh!) years. most of the time i have worked in geriatrics, long term care and rehab in the long term facilities. i have also done a bit of time as school nurse and a visting nurse.
    for the past 10 years or so, i have been an mds coordinator and am loving it! i have been writing "resident focused" or "i" format care plans for the entire time.
    i have no regrets in stopping my education at the lpn level. i have had many, many opportunities in my years and have been treated as an equal to the rns and in many cases and often been told that my experience places me far above many of the rns that i have worked with.
    as far as the money goes, right now i am making $26 an hour, have medical insurance paid in full for myself and my family, 401k and many other benefits.
    to all of you thinking of going on to get your rn, good luck to you in your endeavors.
    to the lpns "for life", keep up the good work.


  12. by   Nursegena
    Good Evening everyone!
    I'm a new graduate practical nurse (graduated in Dec. 07). Had some "issues" on my record (from a colorful past!) and had to go before the BON in Florida. Wow...that was not fun....THEN they sent me to IPN to make sure I didn't have any problems, and that was cleared as well. It's been a hell of a long road, and I have worked so incredibly hard to get to where I am. There were plenty of times I wanted to just give up, but didn't. I've wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl, my Grandmother was a Registered Nurse. I remember she dressed me up for halloween one year in her uniform, and I was so happy!
    So, I'm now preparing to sit for my boards, which I will do within the next 2 weeks. I got my fist job in Med-Surg Neuro at the local private hospital, and I'm really excited!
    I'm looking forward to continuing on for my RN within a year or so. Glad to be a part of the forum!
    Gena in Florida
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  13. by   sgherzi4
    Graduated 1981 from LA City Schools/ LVN program and have been working ever since. I live in a remote area - about one hour away from any community colleges where the RN program is offered. I have been commended on my nursing knowledge and skills...but because of my living situation I am kinda depressed knowing that I will probably never attain my RN status. I have had to be content with my LVN and doing that very best I can for our profession.