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MedicalLPN is a LPN and specializes in Onco, palliative care, PCU, HH, hospice.

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  1. MedicalLPN

    The Dark Days of Nursing

    I remember a time of never being bored with nursing, how easy it was to gain experience in various settings and specialties and to continuously be stimulated with new and different information, situations, types of patients, challenges, heartbreaks, and the satisfaction of helping patients. Those days weren't that long ago, and yet I miss them dearly. It seems as though the endless well of various jobs is finally starting to dry up (in my area at least) and while I count my blessings that I have a job, a very good job, I find myself missing the patients (I'm administrative now and no patient care positions are available right now where I work) and becoming discontent. I love nursing, it's one of my passions, yet I still just haven't found my niche and I find myself growing frustrated by the ever growing hoops that surround finishing an associate's degree in nursing to broaden my career aspects and I'm too the point I'm thinking about switching tracks in school and going into something other than nursing. It seems as though each semester right when I'm ready to enter the LPN-RN bridge program, Aha! The required criteria changes and I'm no longer eligible, it keeps happening to the point that it's ridiculous, "Sorry, but there was no chicken in your yard when you filled out your application, and that's now a requirement.". Anyway, I'm just truly getting bored with wasting money on a degree that's always going to be out of my reach due to red tape, and while I love nursing, I'm ready to move on to something else. Anyway, I don't mean to sound so negative as that's not my intent. I guess I'm just wondering if there's anyone else out there that's tasting the bitterness of being discontent.
  2. MedicalLPN

    Drastic change in appearance

    Nothing makes me feel better when lots of changes are occurring (new job, new home, etc.) or if not enough changes are occurring than to change my hair around. Been blonde, red, went back to my natural light brown color for a while and couple months ago when jet black. I love it. I'm trying to grow it out, I've never had long hair before but have always wanted it long. Very tedious and slow at this point. Good for you with the new do to go with the new job, go rock the place!
  3. MedicalLPN

    on being the patient and critical

    I think too often some health care workers forget that we should treat every patient the way we would want ourselves or a loved one treated. You're right, you have been through hell and I am happy to hear that you are recovering. Thank you for sharing your story with us, and please keep sharing it with others.
  4. MedicalLPN

    Sleep Deprivation

    i did try melatonin, was on it for about 2 weeks with no effect and benadryl tends to make me hyper as opposed to drowsy. i've been practicing good sleep hygiene, not lying in bed for more than 30 minutes at a time, soft music in the background, reading before bed, etc.
  5. MedicalLPN

    Sleep Deprivation

    so, here we go, started my dayshift position working hh and hospice about 2 months. having worked night shift for quite a while i figured it would take me a couple weeks or so to get adjusted, yet here i am still getting 5 hours of sleep on a "good" night and it's really begining to take a toll. i feel horrible all day everyday: fatigued, cranky, almost in a daze yet when the sun goes down i'm wide awake (yet still exhausted ironcially). i've tried relaxation excercises and a couple different low dose sleep aids from my pcp. the problem with the sleep aids however is that they practically me comatose for 10 hours at a time, needless to say i can't take them. now, even without taking them i find myself sleeping through my 3 different alarm clocks that i have set for 6am and have been late to work a couple times already. guess it's no wonder i'm sleeping through them since generally i don't finally drift off to sleep until 1-3am. to add to this i'm finding that my anxiety is really increasing especially at night and before bed time, it's really getting frustrating for me as i thought that being on a "normal" schedule would be better for body and yet it feels as though my body is fighting it tooth and nail. when i'm getting ready for work, i'm almost afraid to look in the mirror because i look like i just popped off the screenset for "dawn of the dead"! there are numurous threads here on transitioning to night shift but has anyone out there had a rough time with the opposite? it's just too bad my patients won't let me make my routine visits at 1am then there wouldn't be a problem :chuckle
  6. MedicalLPN

    LPN/ Outpatient Oncology clinic

    Go for it. The only way to get good at IV starts is to do them again and again and again and again and again and again and again (obviously not on the same patient). Oncology is an awesome area of nursing to work in, best of luck and PM if you have any questions.
  7. MedicalLPN

    Affairs rampant among nurses?

    That just made me chuckle
  8. MedicalLPN

    Dentists, EMTs, Pharmacists, oh, my! - non-nurses giving shots

    In all fairness I've had family members of patients that were nurses that would ask similar silly questions. I think Pharmacists are more than qualified to administer a flu vaccine. At one hospital I worked at Pharmacy actually would respond to codes during day shift and pull and administer our ACLS drugs. It was pretty nice because it allowed an additional nurse to be freed up to help other aspects of stabilizing the patient.
  9. The posts here are excellent. I think with nursing it's so easy to lose yourself, or at least that's something that I've struggled with the past two years. And when you're going through a hard time it's hard to give to your patients when you don't feel like there's nothing more you can give. There's some excellent feedback and advice here, utilize it, don't lose yourself and do what you must to take care of yourself.
  10. MedicalLPN

    What do I do now?

    Start calling. The worst they can say is "Wait until you have your license."
  11. MedicalLPN

    fired for refusing to practice out of my scope

    Good for you for standing up and not letting them taking advantage of you. I am so sorry they fired you, that's truly deplorable if I were you, I would contact the state BON and report the situation to them. Good luck finding a job and once again I am so sorry that happened to you.:icon_hug:
  12. MedicalLPN

    Leaving the Hospital Behind

    Thanks for the support and good thoughts! I am so excited and am looking forward to Monday, that being said I'm going to also enjoy this coming weekend before it's time to get back to the grindstone! Once again thanks!
  13. MedicalLPN

    Leaving the Hospital Behind

    Well, after quite awhile of being completely stressed out and unhappy with work I think that things are finally about to be different. While I have been in love with nursing since day 1, I've always felt that I hadn't found my "niche". I started my nursing career out on a medical tele unit that also specialized in oncology and end of life care and after a year relocated and started on a med-surg oncology unit while working PRN on PCU. I enjoyed certain aspects of each area, learned as much as could and especially loved and became passionate about working with the terminally ill and their families. However, the stress from both places not to mention working night shift has taken its toll. For several months as you can see from my previous posts I've been looking for something that would be a better fit for me, I considered going into LTC, psych, ambulatory care, etc. until I remembered my original dream in nursing school of working with Hospice. After a lot of thinking and reflecting and after reaching my breaking point to where I was unable to work for two weeks, I realized it was time for a radical change. As luck would have it I interviewed at a Home Health and Hospice agency and got the position, I've finished my four week notice, and start at my new job next week. I am so excited to undertake this new challenge and while I'm nervous I have a gut feeling that I'm going to love it. Of course no job in nursing is stress free or perfect and there will be days that I will want to pull my hair out but I'm ready to take the challenge. This agency is very LPN friendly, the patient load is reasonable, benefits are decent, the pay is much better than I was making, I'll only be on call one weekend per month, I'll be on a dayshift schedule, and most importantly I'll be living my dream :) Sorry for the long post I just wanted to share my experience and to share my joy that the storm clouds are finally breaking up :-D
  14. MedicalLPN

    What rhythm would this be?

    Maybe the patient was throwing occasional PAC's which can be tricky to spot out sometimes. Plus I've noticed that the monitors don't always say that the patient is having PAC's it'll just say that it's irregular.
  15. MedicalLPN

    Mispronouncing medications

    For some reason, I had the hardest time learning to say metoprolol correctly. Why? I have no clue lol Sometimes I still have a hard time with it so I prefer to say either Lopressor or Troprol XL, just whichever the patient is on :)
  16. MedicalLPN

    Patient Hits Nurse With Hammer

    The general public has no idea what we go through almost every shift to take care of our patients and to keep them alive. Since it was a nurse that got hit with a hammer and not a bank teller or veterinarian it's funny, after all it's always the nurse's fault... Is it me or do patient's have too many rights these days? Just kidding, though sometimes I wonder.