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smir953328 has 31 years experience and specializes in NICU, Psychiatry, UM, CM.

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  1. smir953328

    Study Plan calendar based on Excelsior's ECG

    Thanks BrillyD. That's a good plan.
  2. smir953328

    Study Plan calendar based on Excelsior's ECG

    I am studying for A&P.
  3. smir953328

    Straighterline Topic Grade Quizzes??

    I read the edition wrong. It's the 9th edition which was rolled out in 2012. I checked out bookrenter.com and it does have reasonable prices and allows you to select how long you want to keep the book up to 125 days. . Thanks for the info.
  4. smir953328

    Study Plan calendar based on Excelsior's ECG

    WOW 2 weeks, don't know that I can accomplish that timeframe. I hadn't thought of studying using the flash card method. I'll have to give that a try. With the TCN books, I find that if I break it out into sections based on the EC study guide, I don't get overwhelmed by the size of the book. Combined with the flash cards, this might work. Thanks Medic625!
  5. smir953328

    Straighterline Topic Grade Quizzes??

    Will an older edition of the textbook do the trick as well? Like a 6th or 7th edition? The recommended book is the 12th edition. I wonder if the content has changed that much to where it would hinder my scoring.
  6. Hi All, Looking for feedback that can possibly help me be successful. Has anyone ever created a study plan calendar based on the content of the ECG? I am studying A&P using ECG, TCN book, and StudyGroup101. What I find myself doing is reading and re-reading the same thing over and over and not moving forward because I think I'm not retaining the material. I've been on this journey for 2 1/2 years now and have only completed one course. I stopped because the job and kids took my time. But now I want to be totally committed and do everything I can to get my RN. Need some encouragement, motivation, or a good swift kick in the hindpot. Sylvia
  7. smir953328

    First test with Excelsior-Microbiology, Nervous!

  8. I decided to check and see what my learning style was, so I took a free online assessment. Well I was identified as a social learner. Now don't that beat all! Me doing a self study college and I need to be social to learn. I guess I should start looking for possible study groups with the classes I have to complete. Anyone have suggestions for me.
  9. smir953328

    Straighterline Topic Grade Quizzes??

    Thanks Natnat. I am going to use my studygroup101 since I have already purchased it. I also have College Network books as a resource. I've got to get cracking on this. No more time to waste. Gotta "Get 'er done"!!
  10. smir953328

    Straighterline Topic Grade Quizzes??

    I am starting again after a 2 year hiatus. I am beginning to study A&P. Just purchased StudyGroup101. I am reading a lot about Straighterline in this forum. How does that work to satisfy the EC A&P requirement? Do I take both 1&2 for fulfill? Thanks.
  11. smir953328

    Dallas TX area lvn doing excelsior?

    Hi Lisa, Between you receiving your RN :yeah: and BJ (becky214) ready to sit for her boards, that gave me the motivation to start back up. Also the fact I now have to pay another annual fee to EC. I'm on a mission now.
  12. smir953328

    Dallas TX area lvn doing excelsior?

    I am north of Dallas in Denton and have been enrolled w/Excelsior for a year. I am gearing up to start studying again. I have TCN material that I purchased from them. The information is helpful, but I am also using some of the books indicated from EC as well. Sylvia
  13. smir953328

    Excelsior College????

    Good luck Txangel on your upcoming CPNE. I look forward to when I get to that point. I just let one year go by without making progress. I took NC1 in Jan. '08 and failed:cry:. I randomly picked up my study material throughout the year. I am now paying for year 2. I have made up my mind that this next year will be productive.:typing Sylvia
  14. smir953328

    Roll Call: Introduce Yourselves, LPNs!

    Hello all, I'm an old timer. Been an LVN for 31 yrs. Worked in the clinical settings for 23 years in all areas except ER and OR. My passions were in NICU and Psych. I left the hospital setting and started working in the medical management industry 8 years ago doing Utilization Management (UM) and Case Management (CM). I am now the UM Supervisor for a large insurance company that deals primarily with TPA's that offer health care benefits to self insured employers. I am enrolled with Excelsior College and trying to combine family (2 teens and a new husband), full time job (50-60 hr./wk), and school. I took my first exam (NC1) in Jan. and failed with a D . I am now reviewing all my study materials and plan to retest soon. My plate is full and it is difficult, but I'm going to succeed with determination and prayer.:plsebeg: Good luck to all fellow students and congrats to all new nurses on a job well done. Sylvia
  15. smir953328


    Waxahachie is located south of Dallas. Here are some links with info on the town. http://www.waxahachie.com/ http://www.waxahachiechamber.com/ http://waxahachiedowntown.com/ http://www.city-data.com/city/Waxahachie-Texas.html http://www.waxahachie-realtypro.com/?source=yahoo&OVRAW=waxahachie%20texas&OVKEY=waxahachie%20texas%20house&OVMTC=advanced&OVADID=6390150512&OVKWID=76745287512 Hope this helps. Sylvia:wlcmhnds:
  16. smir953328

    Utilization management nurses

    Check out below website for CCM. It has all the info you need to obtain your CCM. http://www.ccmcertification.org/ Sylvia