My age....

  1. Now before I start to vent, I have to say, that my family (as in, my mom & dad) are very supportive of me becoming an LPN. The only thing that is bugging me is since I won't be able to start the LPN program until my 18 month old begins Kindergarten, which will be in about 3.5 years, that will make me 35 going on 36 yrs old when I start schooling. My dad acted like that was crazy, and I'd almost be near retirement age before I'd finish schooling and start working.
    Hello! Isn't retirement age 65 or 70? And I told him it would only take me a year of schooling so I would graduate at age 36 and hopefully get a job not too long after.
    Sorry for the vent, that comment, just kind of hit a nerve.

    Thanks for listening!!
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  3. by   tatgirl
    I started nursing school when I turned 36 and graduated when I was 37. It is never too late. If this is what you want to do, go ahead and do it!!!! I figure that I should have 30 or so years to be a nurse before I retire. (God willing!) In my class I wasnt the only older one, there was a lady in her 40's.

    Good luck!!!!!!! Just let the comments roll off your back.

  4. by   EricJRN
    Go for it! Compared to a lot of people I know who are becoming nurses as second careers, you are quite young.
  5. by   Fiona59
    41 when I started, 42 when I graduated. Had one classmate who was ten years older than me.

    Having said that, it was hard work. Family stuff, school, etc. You need to be able to juggle. It was hard dealing with "class politics" and the "cool kids" but we survived.

    However, I don't understand people who go back at the age of 55+. It's hard physically and mentally and do you really want to be running around a nursing station in your late '60s.
  6. by   NaomieRN
    I am in a 3-year program and there many students in their early to mid 50s in my class. Go for it!!!
  7. by   Nancy428
    I'm 43,and thinking of going for my LVN,I'm a I don't think I'm too old yet.....I know of nurses in their 50's in school for their RN...I work on a med/surg floor.
  8. by   TheCommuter
    I know a woman who attended my nursing program at age 55 and graduated at age 56. You are never too old to accomplish your dreams and turn them into realities.
  9. by   lovablelvn
    Don't worry about it. Do what's best for you. When I started nursing school I was 22 and I was the YOUNGEST in my class. The oldest was 63. She is now in the LVN-RN bridge class. You can do anything you want.
  10. by   midcom
    I retired in September & a week later started nursing school (LPN)! Right now I plan to not go on to get my RN because of my age. I can't justify the time or money whenI'll only work another 7-10 years.
    Oh, I'm 55, the oldest in my class but we have several who are older than you, even some with tiny babies & one mother of 4 (one of them less than a year) who is expecting next spring.
  11. by   PurrRN
    Many of us have made the descision to wait to go back to school because of various needs of our children. There's nothing wrong with you making that choice. Your children are only babies once.....and then the opportunity passes (even though they will always be your babies). I have three boys 5,5,4 and I'm already feeling the "difference" in them. They don't need me as much, it's a little sad for the heart. School will be there when you are ready and 36 aint old .

    Do what feels right for YOU, cause you are the only person who has to live with you when nobody else is around!!

    P.S. You could even start pre-req's online if you wished. Lets you get schooling started AND be home for the kids.
  12. by   scallywags
    Turn a deaf ear to these comments. You will be turning 37 regardless and wouldn't you rather have met your goals than to still be thinking about them? You still have a good thirty working years ahead of you...give or take a couple of years. That is thirty years of your life and you should decide and plan on how you want to spend it; not how your mom and dad want you to spend them. They have made their decisions on their lives and now it is time for YOU to make that decision for yourself.

    FWIW, when I first went back to school, my mom was trying to convince me that I was doing too much and there was no way I could keep up with all my responsibilities and I should consider cutting back on my classes. Luckily, I ignored her comments and did what I wanted to do. It feels great to know that I will spend the rest of my working years doing something that I love.
  13. by   pagandeva2000
    I just turned 42 when I got my LPN. You will still have youth on your side.
  14. by   sweetielin
    don't let anyone discourage you. your dad should be proud of you for wanting to further your education. i seriously doubt you will be the oldest in your class. there were several in my class that were in their late 30s and even forties. my mom was 37 when she graduated and we were all very proud of her. one lady in her class was in her 60s. it's never too late. i personally don't see why your dad would say something like that. being in your late thirties is not over the hill. you would still have 30 years to work as an lpn. in fact, you would probably have more than that if your health is good and you chose to continue working beyond retirement age. i wouldn't worry about what others say. good luck.