LPNs/LVNs: What's Your Specialty? - page 2

What's your specialty? In other words, in which field are you currently working? I'm currently doing LTC (long-term care) at a nursing home and have a PRN job as a medication nurse at a psychiatric... Read More

  1. by   jamangel
    I've done it all. Presently I'm working acute rehab and prn corrections and pediatrics.
  2. by   HeatherLPN
    I work LTC, which I like, but my passion is MR/DD. Quit my part time job at the group home d/t med safety concerns and a conflict with my "boss" (and I use the term boss VERY lightly), but hope to get back into MR soon.
  3. by   Darlene K.
    I work in Surgical Prep (full-time) and Pediatric ER PRN.
  4. by   lisamc1RN
    I've been a nurse for 2 months. I work in a skilled/rehab unit and I've learned sooo much! I love this specialty!
  5. by   bnursewoods
    I'm a new LPN, currently I work in LTC because of the pay. I want to go into the hospital part time to get some med-surg experience.

    With all honesty, I want to test the waters. I don't know as of yet what I like. Just passed boards 2weeks ago. I can hardly sleep because I have so many thought of specialties that I want to try. My weakness in school was labor and delivery and I want to try that to just to get some experience. All I know is that I want to be a well rounded nurse.

    I worked as an EMT-4yrs, medical biller, A.S. psychology, HHA and want to go back to school for my RN someday soon.
  6. by   nursemelly
    I work on a medical unit. I also do pediatric home care. I work with 2 children one with a trach and one who requires peritoneal dialysis. I have been trained at BCCH.I love it, its a perfect variety for me
  7. by   AprylLPN
    Med/Surg. I just graduated and this is my first job as an LPN. So far so good. I think I am going to like it!
  8. by   nursekelly217
    Full time home health and PRN drug and etoh detox.
  9. by   ArielleLVN
    Assisted living.
  10. by   kat7ap
    Mother-Baby :spin:
  11. by   ldonohue74
    Hey Hoosier! Love to know more about corrections! Heard they pay great! How's the atmosphere? I'm in South Jersey. Thanks
  12. by   AntFlip7395
    Cardiac tele...soon to be RN. Taking HESI today, graduating tomorrow.

  13. by   sonja77
    my first job out of nursing school was at a hospital on a medical/telemetry unit. we moved in march and now i work at a different hospital on a medical unit.