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This topic has been around before, but I was looking for something more up to date. Things have fluctuated in past two years or so. I know people are always looking for salaries and most of the time... Read More

  1. by   aseriousthing
    WHAT? That is crazy!!!!!!!!
  2. by   aseriousthing
    Brooklyn NY
    I work in a nursing home that pays 23.89 starting and $28 per diem. I have heard of some other nursing homes in the area paying as much $30 per diem. it is better to have a full time job while working some place else per diem. this way you have your full time benifits.
  3. by   aseriousthing
    Did you mean CNAs make $10.00/hr in Oklahoma? because if thats true i will never leave New york. My brother has been begging me to move on the military base with him for years!!!! But that will never... never...never happen (sorry big bro).
  4. by   agldragonRN
    Quote from lpnscottnj
    the lpn rate at the sub acute unit i work in is 23.50 hr with full benefits and overtime if you want it. i also do agency work and the rate is 30. hr this is central new jersey.

    seems like the rates from other parts of the country are really low. lpns in my unit are all iv cert. and yes we start alot of them and we are also vent certified. for those drugs that get iv pushed in hospitals our pharmacy pre mixes small 50ml bags with lasix, dilaudid, zofran etc. for us to use so we can avoid the iv push problem. we are also acls trained. i really feel we are just rns under an lpn title getting less money of course. new jersey leaves it up to the institution as far as our job duties include. no set rules on what lpns can do in a sub acute setting. any other situations like this out there. i would be interesting in hearing other stories from lpns that do primary sub acute care.

    hi scott. i sent you a private message. thanks! bowingpur

  5. by   Kimberleighsue
    i work at a county nursing home making a little over $21/hour in upstate ny. that is per diem and no benefits. not sure what the full-timers make but i know it is about $5 less/ an hour if they want benefits. the cna's make great money there too compared to neighboring nursing homes, about $12/hour from what i have been told.
  6. by   KBron2000
    Quote from lildk77
    Iam a new grad and make $15.00 an hour in LTC

    Where in Illinois?
  7. by   KBron2000
    Quote from eric337
    Lincolnshire, IL: $20.50

    What type of nursing? LTC, Hosp., Ect.?
  8. by   KBron2000
    Northeastern Illinois -
    $23.00/hr in LTC.
    We need to remember that some of the wages sound low, but the cost of living can be vastly different from one state to another. Even within states. I know when I left Nebr. eons ago I was making about $6.50/hr. I moved to Ct. and worked in 2 places one for 14.00/hr and one for 12.00/hr. Then I moved to Illinois and started at 11.00/hr.
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  9. by   skeeter96
    Does anyone one know the pay grade for LPN's in North Carolina?
  10. by   jmp22
    I work 7a - 7 p, hospital base pay21.05, average 23.25, orlando florida, love the weather and beaches, much to do. reasonable house prices now, 20 mins from beach.
  11. by   vegasmedic
    lpn in vegas are making 16-25 hr. depending on experience
  12. by   Lucid Vital Nurse
    I'm an LVN working in a hospital in DOU in Santa Clarita, CA (Los Angeles County). I make $19.75 hour working 1900-0730 (with evening and night differentials). My Base pay is $15.50/hour. I've only been working at this hospital for 3 months though. My base pay is low because the Director of Critical Care went off of my Acute Care experience time only (which is about 2 years), even though I've been a nurse for 3 years.
  13. by   RobLPN
    Quote from skeeter96
    Does anyone one know the pay grade for LPN's in North Carolina?
    My base rate is just over 20/hr, I work the weekend program that makes it about 36/hr. I work at an acute hospital on a tele unit.