LPN in FL, failed pre-employment drug screen..What will happen now?!

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I was offered a job and they performed a urinalysis on site, I did not expect this to happen. I took a 7.5/15 ml dose of hydrocodone on Tuesday afternoon, I took the drug screen on Friday morning so I am sure that I failed. Now I am worried about what will be done. Could I lose my license? Please spare me the speech about drug use, I am well aware of how stupid this was, I just want to know what could possibly happen, I am hoping for some honest and non judgemental insight, how will they let me know I failed, will they report me to BON, What actions might be taken against me?

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Did you have a script? If you did you should have nothing to worry about

I am sorry you are in this predicament. And trust me...no one is here to judge you, I'm sure you are doing enough of that yourself. Yes, they will tell you if you fail. The initial sample will be sent to a lab for confirmation and to determine what type of opiate is present. From there they should ask if you have a script, if you do not one of two things will happen. Either they will simply take back the job offer and it won't go further than there, or more likely they will refer you to the Florida IPN and/or your board of nursing. This is a long road you have embarked on. If you are abusing/addicted to drugs i am very sorry, I've been there. If you do have a problem this will turn out to be a life saving experience. Deep breath, you can get through this. You can also contact an administrative lawyer who has delt with the board and get a consultation and advice on what to do if "what if" happens. Stay in touch, good luck

I would first take a deep breath. If in fact you did take A dose on Tues afternoon and the test wasn't until Fri morning, there is a chance that it won't show up in the UDS. Now, if you had been using daily and had more of the drug built up in your system, it might take longer to disappear from your system and indeed still show up on the test.

My prayers go out that your dose of pain meds was gone from your system prior to testing. Let this be cautionary to you though that you can be tested at any time, and you need to refrain from ANY substance that is not expressly prescribed for you for a condition you are being treated for.

If in fact the narcotic does show up on the UDS, then what the above posters have said is possible. Either rescinding the job alone, or rescinding the job and notification of a failed UDS to the BON which could possibly lead to a Health Practitioners Monitoring Program.

Good luck. I wish you the best!

It is now Tuesday and I have heard nothing, my heart may stop, I can't believe 1 day is about to turn my life upside down..will I lose my license for this?

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The question about your license is whether or not you had a prescription made out to you.

No precription..

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One day, one bad decision can turn your life upside down.

IF it comes up positive you are going to have some explaining to do. Yes they can report it to the BON. If you have malpractice and you turn up positive call them immediately...do not go to the BON without representation.

IF you turn up negative...take this lesson and learn. You can't take other people's medicine. I am sending you positive vibes and prayers.

If you don't mind me asking.....Why did you take it?

I was having terrible cramps and migraines all week, I knew it was a bad choice but I didn't realize how server the outcome could be... I am worrying myself sick, how long will it be before HR or someone contacts me?

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I wish I had an answer for you all I can do is give you a hug ((HUGS)) This may help you.....Drug Testing FAQ's - Tests, Detection Times, and False Positives

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Putting good vibes into the universe that it will not show up in your drug screen... good luck

Thanks for all the support.. my friend who is a lab tech told me that they couldn't send my UA to a lab unless I signed the container and witnessed them seal the specimen, does anyone know if this is true? I did not witness a specimen being sealed or sign anything, If they performed on site testing wouldn't they have told me on the spot I failed and they were going to test further?

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