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What acronyms have you heard for LPN? I have heard Lower Paid Nurse and Little Play Nurse. The first is true, not so much the second! Just curious what else you guys have heard!

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Low Paid Nurse

Little Play Nurse

Lowlife Peon Nurse:p

Literally Plumb Nuts!!:bugeyes:

Likable Pleasant Nurse:nurse:

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I'm sorry that ANY acronyms even exist.

That has to be very disheartening.

A nurse is a nurse... is a nurse.


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LOVABLE and PASSIONATE NURSE... :yeah:i just made it up.

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Lovely, Pretty Nurse. I just made that up about myself, too! I have heard of the other ones, and it is a negative statement made to degrade LPNs. I refuse to allow that to get to me.

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I've only heard acronyms online. So far I haven't come across any in "real life". Then again, the only nurses I work with are other LPN's and we don't sit around and call each other names!

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Licensed Practical Nuisance.

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How about Life's Perfect Nurses?


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:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeatLOVING PEOPLE NURSE:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat


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Little Phony Nurses

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