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  1. michael79


    Since we will have to have CEU to renew our license, where is everyone getting theirs?
  2. michael79

    Additional Lpn Certifications

    Wat other certifications can LPNs get? The only thread I could find on this topic was really old. I'm currently a school nurse and it's not what I want to do for the rest of my career so I want to get some other certifications. I've been a nurse for 12 years and have experience in ER, home health and urgent care.
  3. michael79

    Hospital Baby Blankets

    And why are baby blankets exactly the same at every hospital across the country?!
  4. michael79

    What are these called?

    That's exactly what it looks like! Retention sutures is what one nurse said, but we googled it and couldn't find any images.
  5. michael79

    Anyone with only 1 OR??

    I once worked in a small, rural hospital that had only one OR. There was a day surgery OR that they considered a second OR in case of emergency.
  6. michael79

    What are these called?

    My co-worker was caring for a patient and asked a bunch of us what these sutures on a patient were called. They are thick, red, and look rubbery. They were in a midline incision, with staples present. None of us could remember. Any ideas?
  7. michael79

    Hospital Baby Blankets

    I was shocked that my neighbors did this. They have plenty of money and there's no need to take more than was actually needed for their baby at that moment. Is that common in Mom-Baby units?
  8. michael79

    Hospital Baby Blankets

    I was watching a documentary on ESPN and the wife of an NBA player was at home holding her new child wrapped in what is clearly one of those hospital baby blankets. You know the ones that every baby is wrapped in: white with pink and blue block stripes. My question: are those supposed to be taken or do people just steal from the hospital? I know my neighbors just had their second baby and they would take diapers and wipes every time a new nurse or CNA walked in the room. They kept saying they were out and needed more. Seems like a lot of money may be lost in this way for the hospital.
  9. michael79

    Bitter dried up nurses that need to RETIRE

    Just bc you have grand kids does not mean you aren't being ageist. You may not mean to but you are coming across as narcissistic with a superiority complex. Ease up and you may get some advice that would help you understand what you are experiencing and how to appropriately deal with your emotions.
  10. michael79

    BLanking on what this is called

    THAT's IT!!!! Gosh I could not think of that word!
  11. michael79

    Staffing in ALF

    We have a personal care home license. Do you think I should just staff it at what the total census is not just AL residents?
  12. michael79

    BLanking on what this is called

    On a tele monitor when the patient is moving around, but it looks like an arrhythmia. Not interference......It's called something on the tip of my tongue!
  13. michael79

    Frustrated with new job

    I recently took on a role at a new AL/IL facility as the administrator. This place is sooooo disorganized. Staffing is out of control. The owners want me to staff at levels that are not conducive to giving good care. They want an unrealistic amount of work out of the CNAs and want me to beat a budget that was in place a year ago when they facility had 20 less residents. They want the CNAs to do all the housekeeping. There is no med tech (the CNAs just give out meds willy nilly) They won't let me staff a med tech for each shift as her sole responsibility. I am pretty sure night shift is sleeping instead of checking in the residents. No one is on a toileting schedule. Residents that are incontinent are wet all the time. Each shift blames the prior. Residents that wet their beds are having their wet beds made up and the families are finding this!The activity director is a royal pain that doesn't want to do anything and acts like a martyr. The receptionist is the biggest gossip and keeps things stirred up with the staff, residents, and families. Gossip is rampant with all the staff. The CNAs tell the families things like, 'I noticed your dad didn't get a shower last night even though he was supposed to' or 'I don't think your mom is getting her meds like she should'. The place is a mess! I really want to turn this place around and make it work, but where do I start? I am tired of getting yelled at by family members for things that the carestaff aren't doing. The changes I have made so far are: 1. Assigning one CNA to the meds and the others cover her assignment while she is doing her med pass. 2. Working the budget out to cover a FT housekeeper to clean. 3. Giving the CNAs a detailed assignment sheet of who they have and what they are expected to do. My question is, What else can I do to turn this place around and how do I hold the CNAs accountable for not doing things when they have a detailed assignment AND when they blame wet beds and pullups on another shift? Thanks!
  14. michael79

    Staffing in ALF

    State regs in GA state that you must have one caregiver for every 15 residents from 8am-11pm. 11pm-8am you must have 1 to 25. I work in an ALF with an independent side. Some of those independent residents are on a 'care level' which technically makes them AL. My question is, do the other IL residents not on a care level count as residents that need the supervision in that ratio?
  15. michael79

    Burnout Rx

    I try to journal my frustrations. It's such a great outlet for me because I can say anything on paper that I wouldn't dare say to someone's face. It really gets the agression out and it only takes a few minutes. The other thing i LOVE to do is bird/squirrel watch. I have a few bird feeders and critter feeders. I fill them up and let the watching begin. it's very relaxing to get lost in your thought while watching these happy creatures. Peace be with you! Kayla
  16. michael79

    Home Births -- The Good, the bad, and the Ugly

    I have a co-worker that just had a home birth. The other staff and I were discussing the ramifications and I was interested in the opinions of other nurses that have some experience in this arena. Can I ask why you wanted to know why I wanted this information? It is my understanding that this type of question is what allnurses is all about.....I don't see others getting questioned for their posts....