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I know a gal....she has very recently 'changed her look'.

She is a ball to be around...everyone around her is comfortable.

She is a great nurse, full of positive energy, smart, good to the patients.

She magically became a bombshell, very blonde, very big hair, very pink mouth, nails, eyeshadow...

She bought many new pastel uniforms, wears funky shoes.

She rather looks like an ice-cream cone, as a kid in her hospital accurately told her.

The older patients constantly say things like, "are YOU a NURSE"?

Her work remains excellent. Her patients love her. Her coworkers love her.

Hospital admin.......lukewarm at best. She just smiles

Does a nurse really have to LOOK the part?:)


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My husband and I were discussing this very issue the other night. We were discussing tooniforms and the concept of professionalism. I personally am conflicted...I suppose if you job performance isn't compromised, and your patients are happy with you then perhaps it shouldn't be an issue. If she wants to look like an ice cream cone then so be it...maybe she's just going through a phase...

I also want to add that the reason I'm conflicted is because I feel that nurses should be taken seriously and I'm afraid that women (I say women because in my experience, men don't have as much trouble being taken seriously) are still judged by their apperances before anything else and I wonder if the Blonde Bombshell look makes management think less of her? I believe you should be able to where what you want but perhaps not be so quick to criticize when others don't take you as seriously as you want them to.

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I feel that one can wear the toon tops and all the prints and still look professional. All the makeup and big hair just makes you look silly at work, and lack of hygeine makes you look like if you can't take care of your self how can you take care of someone else. At work there should be nothing overpowering about you (makeup, hair, perfume....etc.).

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Our dress code states something to the effect that anything that draws attention away from the patient and toward you is a no-no. I subscribe to that idea. I think our uniforms should make us easily identifiable as nurses and be appropriate to our patient populations. I'm all for colorful/cartoony in the peds populations if that makes the kids more relaxed, but we also have to inspire confidence in the parents in that example.

On the other hand, a traditional-looking, conservatively-dressed nurse with no personality and no skills isn't good either. If she's on top of her job, that's great, but she may still want to consider the image she is projecting. Her patients may know by the end of their hospital stay what a wonderful skilled and caring nurse she is, but it may be hard to get past that initial shock.


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Originally posted by ceecel.dee

Does a nurse really have to LOOK the part?:)

What, we're supposed to keep the "crone" look?


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I worked with a nurse that was wearing that lime green/chartruse? color one day and a patient told her " that is the most hideous color!What were you thinking wearing that with that flame red hair of yours?" After the nurse got past the shock, she laughed along with the pt, but it was funny. She did look like a clown, sorry to say.

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I work with a nurse, insists on coming to work in white high heel shoes, miniskirt, a ton of makeup and her hair teased up. I think she has some sort of porn nurse fantasy of herself that she needs to keep up. Obviously it takes a lot of effort to look the way she does, but she looks so strange with the makeup all caked on. She's a good nurse and does a good job, but it's hard for families to keep a straight face when looking at her. She's not young either, wears a lot of perfume, goes to tanning booths all the time, to keep up the ''look". I can see the bunions on her feet under those tight, pointy shoes. She looks like a cartoon.


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porn nurse fantasy....lmao...

i thought only the pts have those.

i think we should all look like those nurses on the ad at the top of the page that says...click here to see why these nurses are laughing

i dont click...its obvious they are on drugs or they wouldnt be dressed like that.

how can you do the work we do wearing heels?

i just look neat and clean when i go to work...little bit of makeup and a clean nursing costume. no perfume. nail polish sometimes, sometimes not.


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I used to work with a beautiful nurse who took great pride in her appearance. She took time to put on lipstick every few hours and checked her hair now and again. She got some criticism from the other nurses, many of whom look like they just rolled out of bed. I personally thought she brought a lot of joy to the patients because she looked so pretty, and because she felt attractive she was always upbeat.

When you look good, you feel good!


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For the love of God people! Let nurses be who they are. Yes, we need to look professional......but how we achieve that can range from T-shirts with scrub pants to matching uniforms.

We are too quick to condem those who do NOT LOOK JUST LIKE US.

Do NOT be so judgemental!

I pride myself on looking professional and take great pride in my appearance.......however I refuse to wear those scrub tops- they look like a paper bag on me. I achieve my own look my own way.

Can we not find something else worth cutting each other up over!??

Surely there must be something else.....after all we are nurses.


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One of the reasons I've decided to return to school and pursue my dream of being a nurse (besides the fact that you get to wear comfortable shoes and elastic or drawstring waist pants!) is that people have always told me I look like a nurse! I don't know what exactly that means, but I've gotten that comment my entire adult life (I'm 46). I have worked in the financial industry since I graduated from high school, but I can't tell you how many times I've heard that. Its weird, since I don't know what a nurse "should" look like, but I guess I'm it. Good thing that's what I finally decided I want to be when I grow up! Maybe I should add that information when I finish my prereqs this December and apply to the nursing program.

I have found that in any job, people will take you most seriously if you wear the "team uniform", whether it be a business suit, panty hose & high heels (like I have to wear in my currnet job) or scrubs. But I think most of all, it is the level of confidence you project. Maybe that is why I've been told I look like a nurse; I project a caring, nurturing image, and I'm known here at work as someone who is very responsible, and who will get the job done.

Anyone else ever been told you "look like a nurse", especially if you're not dressed the part?


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The most wonderful, caring nurse I ever worked with was a mature woman who had a "Cher" look going on. It was a bit of a surprise to those who first met her, but it taught me early that excellent nurses come in all packages!:D

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