long term care facilities..computerized charting yet?

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I've been out for 8 years..I am wondering if it is the norm for long term care facilities to use computerized charting now? How has documentation changed over the decade?

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it hasnt, lol


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oh boy! wrist hurts already:typing

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Today I had to cut my wrist and write with my blood...Well-not really but that's what it felt like.Rotten day...


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Today I had to cut my wrist and write with my blood...Well-not really but that's what it felt like.Rotten day...

am so sorry..I'm really dreading a return to ltc but am waiting for other opportunities..but I can relate..


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Time stands still where I work--no computerized charting yet. It is still a great place to work for me! :nuke:

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I live in a small dinky town in North Carolina - Scotland Neck, population approximately 1000. I have worked at a LTC facility for the past 3 years, and 2 of those years WERE COMPUTERIZED.


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Continued from above.....................

We went totally computerized in 2007 (March, I think). We are a 70 bed facility, not big at all. It was really hard at first to get used to, but now I wouldn't have it any other way.

According to my DON, all facilities have to be all computer in the next year or so. The program we use is HMS, Health Managment Systems.


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We implemented computerized charting at the nursing home I work in earlier this year. What really bothers me about it is the staff that can't read/write english or can't use a computer so when you read their notes you have no idea what they're trying to say! It was better when it was all hand written and you just didn't bother trying to read it because when it's all in print on a computer screen, everything is legible!

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Not where I work. I wish we would get computerized charting, but that will not happen any time soon. I have worked at facilities that were computerized and it was nice to be able to read everyone's charting.


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If you're planning on returning to nursing after a hiatus and don't feel comfortable using a computer, definitely try to learn some computer skills before you go back to work. If the LTC at which you want to work is not already using computerized charting, eventually it will make the switch. Adjusting to the routine of LTC will be much easier if you don't have to learn computer skills on top of everything else.

I worked with a nurse who hated computers and said she turned down positions in which she would be required to work with computers. I'm a patient person who enjoys teaching but I wanted to nearly throttle her during her orientation when she was resistant to learning anything about the computerized charting our facility used. She lacked even the most basic keyboard skills. "Uh, what do you mean, 'scroll down'?" :banghead:

There are pros and cons to computerized charting but computer skills are imperative to anyone wanting a nursing job these days.

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No computers where I work. I think I will jump for joy and do a little jig after they pick me up off the floor, if we ever go to computerized charting. LOL.

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