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We created a motivation/inspirational image and wanted to share with you. The quote was shared by Crazed on Motivating the nurse in all of us.

Every month, we will be creating and sharing these images with the goal that it helps you get through the days when you are in doubt. The days when you just want to scream. The days when you need that extra push.

If you like to share a quote please post it in Motivating the nurse in all of us.

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Do you like? Should we continue?

If there's enough interest we may even create desktop wallpapers (w/calendar).

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Please update it to:


* come upon the scene of an accident, then by all means RUN, walk, trot, or drive the other way as fast as you possibly can. If an old lady is standing on your way, punch her in the throat if you have to, but GET OUT OF THERE.

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Ooooo, desktop wallpapers!! Now you're cookin'!!

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I like it. It's inspirational!

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