Letter of resignation typed or handwritten?

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I know this is a silly question but I have never had to resign before from a job. I feel guilty about leaving my job at a rehab/snf but it is not for me, and I have been offered my dream job as a pediatric RN. I have only been at this facility for 7 months right out of school. Also, I am required to give two weeks but I will be giving 3.5 weeks, I feel bad because we never have anyone to cover us on night shift because nobody wants to work the night shift. I just hope I am giving them enough time, I am full time. ? Any advice? Thank you.


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A letter of resignation can be typed or handwritten. If you have the extra five minutes, I would type it if I were you. You want to exit on the most professional note. I think a typed note would seem less hasty than a handwritten one.


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Always type a business letter. It makes for a more professional impression and is easier to read when copied. If you don't have access to a typewriter or word processing program, go to your public library and use their computer. Make certain you keep a copy for yourself.

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Staffing is not your responsibility. If a facility can't cover shifts for whatever reason, that is not the staff's fault (unless they cause the problem by chronic absenteeism...another problem altogether).

Typed. And printed out on nice paper and out in an addressed envelope, not emailed.

(your name and address and the date are properly right-justified-- I just can't make that happen here)

. Cynnie24RN

.123 Oak St.

. Springfield ST

. Todaysdate, 2014

Mary HRManager

ABCRehabilitation Hospital

Springfield ST zipcode

Dear Ms. HRManager,

Please accept this letter as notice that I will resign my position as staff nurse on RehabFloor to pursue another position. My last day will be on (date).

I have enjoyed my time at ABCRehabilitation and appreciate the opportunity to learn about (specialty). I particularly want to recognize the help I received from Jane Smith RN as preceptor and Amy Jones RN as unit manager.


Cynnie24 RN

cc: Amy Jones RN

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Congratulations on getting your dream job so soon! That's great! 3.5 weeks is close to a month and should be more than enough time.

Please don't feel guilty! Enjoy the excitement of moving on. They will make a way to cover, they did before you and will after you.

Best wishes!

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I agree with the above posts, you should type your resignation letter and giving them 3.5 weeks notice is more than enough. Don't feel guilty, it is not your problem that they do not have enough staffing. Congrats on moving on in your career, hope the new position will be all you hope it will be!!

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Would you submit an application to a prospective job with a handwritten cover letter? Of course not. You need to write a professional, typed letter of resignation for your current job. Be specific and concise and remember to thank them for the opportunity.

"Dear Nurse Manager:

I am hereby giving notice that I will be resigning my position of [your position here], effective Dec 1, 2014. I have enjoyed my time here and appreciate the experience I have gained. I want to thank you for the opportunity. Should circumstances change in the future, I hope that we can reconsider employment at ABC Hospital.




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I emailed my last resignation letter, served its purpose well as it gave my notice, and it was easily forwardable to HR for their notice.