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I used to chair my Nursing Association's Practice Commission and would attend the public "open" sessions of the state BON meetings. I have no idea what state you live in; but here in Minn. you do not receive a letter of reprimand without notification from the BON first that there have been charges of not following or of violating the Nurse Practice Act. The nurse is then told that their case will be going before the BON on such and such a date, and the nurse can come and present their side of the story (and you would be surprised at the number of nurses who do NOT show up for this but "are availabe by phone" if the BON have questions!).

Get a good legal attorney who specializes in this type of situation (a lot of RN JD's do not!); and both of you go before the BON. You need to find out what the charges are, who filed them, why was it charged against you and not the pharmacist, etc.; whatever you can find out about this charge. It almost sounds like the BON reprimanded you without notifying you first. Is it possible that your mail may have been tampered with; or did you miss the first letter from the BON?

Here is a site that tells you about all of the BON rules etc.


You can find your state here and look up what a letter of reprimand means in your state. I didn't check to see if you have and chance of appealing this; but search around here and see if that helps.

Sorry there is so much extra stuff here; I tried to narrow this down asmuch as possible and finally gave up. Good luck and hope this helps.

Jenny P


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im sure you are aware that your ex is a ****ing asshole. i mean this is HIS kid too why wouldnt he want to take care of her? sheesh it was just phengran...not even a narcotic.

you have NO choice but to get an attorney. too much at stake here. and you dont want to make any mistakes. i would definately mention to him that if you cant work he will have to pay so much more in support and of course alimony. regardless of what he does get an attorney. this needs to be attended to...not just the ex but the doc who for whatever reason wants to be in the middle.

seems to me that he cant be going around making false accusations like that without legal recourse. how can he prove that you called that in? who took the call? did they say it was you? where did you get the doc's id number? ...sounds lame to me. oh i cant even imagine what i would do if someone did that to me.

why do ppl have to play these games. things dont work out in a marriage so go your way and leave each other alone.

yeah you have a lot to lose but he owns the drug store and he is a pharmacist so it seems to me he has a lot to lose too.

get an attorney and just do what he suggests. it may cost you some money but he has pushed your hand....i imagine since this is a bogus charge he would have to pay legal fees. he should anyway.

good luck...keep your sanity ...and keep us posted


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Get a lawyer, get a lawyer, get a lawyer....NOW. Like Shay said one with SHARP TEETH.


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Why do people turn into maniacs during divorce proceedings???I hear of this type of thing SO OFTEN....nice people seem to turn into sleazy, stalking, psychopaths...:(

Just another sign of the increasingly unstable society we live in.

I'm praying for ya, girlfriend...and I'm worried about you with this crazy man...be careful and surround yourself with good people who can help!:kiss


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prnlpn, if you hadn't told me that your ex is a pharmacist, I would have thought we had the same husband. I know from a previous thread that we live in the same state, so I know what you mean about the small towns here. DUMP your attorney, find one in the capitol city here, find out if you should be reporting your ex to the PHARMACY board. And, I hate to say this,but you had better start living the life of a SAINT. Your ex is evil, :devil: And he is going to do anything he can to make you look bad.:rolleyes: Also, be prepared, a custody battle is the most expensive case ( except criminal ) that attornies in our state do. I know this because I just went thru the same thing. You are in my thoughts and prayers:kiss


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PRNLPN.......PLEASE....protect yourself and your daughter. I don't want to read in the paper or hear on the news that a wacked out Pharm. went nuts and killed his ex-wife and child! PLEASE....get away from there and FAST! File a restraining order. I don't give a darn if it's a small town and he is respected....do it please!

Contact a support group for abused wives. Hide out until the court date.

OMG, I'm so upset by this and pi$$ed off I can't see straight! This man is a creep.....a major a$$ and you better sit up and take notice that your life is in danger here. I'm not trying to scare you, just alarm you that this man will stop at nothing.

Get a post-office box and have all of your mail sent there. Glad you have caller-ID....don't answer ANY calls that are not from your family or close personal friends!

Get that attorney on the ball and let him/her know about all of this!! Be safe and God's speed for you my dear. I know from experience and a crazy ex....I too was stalked and harrassed......I kept a 'friend' under my pillow for protection (not suggesting here, just sharing and I do have a permit) I filed a restraining order and when he knew I would blow his head off if he came near me or threatened me.....he backed off and I haven't seen or heard from him in over 4 years!!

Thinking about you!!!


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My ex was pretty scary too. Eventually, I decided he might do something (else!) crazy, so we moved outta state. Had to leave my family and lost my home, but gained my sanity and a better life.

Only you can decide what 's best for you... Best wishes :kiss


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You know... NO ONE could have told me, that my former brother in-law would turn out to be the biggest Ahole ever!! He and my sister divorce after he started taking testosterone injections, and got hooked on them. Until then ...although I didn't like him..(nothing I could put my finger on), he treated my sister very well..as far as anyone could see. He was the perfect father when the children were babies/toddlers!! I mean he put my sister to shame as a parent!! [b[ THEN[/b] he started thinking he was slick...and began having an affair. In the beginning..they divorced and were very civil to each other. My sister did take him to the cleaners... HE agreed to everything out of guilt!!!

Well...he got over the guilt when he met someone else...and then the Ahole..refused to pay the $4,000 a month alimony....that wouldn't make a dent in his income!!! To avoid paying it...he got a PT job at Walmart and tried to show the judge a paycheck from there!!! HE owned his own very lucrative business!!!

The judge threw him in jail...and he has been to jail now..about 4 times last count!!! But always has the money to pay enough of the back child support to get out of jail the very next morning!!!

My sister has been back and forth to court more times...than I wish to even think about!!! I people wonder why I don't remarry!!


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It seems to me that your first step would be to find a competent attorney and then fight it. I would also question why your hubby or ex filled a script without confirming the script I think I would report his ass to the board governing his actions. what a jerk. I would also go to the dr and speak with him and clear the matter up I would send a formal letter to the nursing board explaining my actions and position on the situation and I would not rest till the matter was cleared up. Fraud is a crimminal offense and I would not take the rap for it. I would fight it and then i would use this as an example of what a monster your husband is and use it to show the custody jugde just how much character your husband or ex rather is lacking. good luck to you and let us know what happens!!!


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you need to speak with a nurse attorney and the pharmacy should have records of the ok to fill the script. When you call a script in the pharmacy they know if they have a legal script or not. X is the pharmacist and filled the script saying he filled knowing it was not authorised by the MD he is in more trouble then you. That means he is dispencing meds knowingly without a script!!!!! Did you pick up the medicine. If so he is really in trouble especially if he is the one that called the MD to. This is interesting keep us informed.

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