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And all this was over a script for Phenergan????

Somethings wrong with this picture.


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Definitely something's wrong.. I say get a new laywer STAT!!

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I'm with the others - I know you said it was a long story, but there is a vital piece missing in the synopsis given here. It sounds like you got a letter of reprimand without a chance at a formal hearing or chance to defend yourself or answer an accusation? I'd be carrying on until judgement day to get this cleared from my record, and if a pharmacist lied to make it look like I was forging scripts (ex-husband status or no) I'd make sure his head and/or his license were on a pike in my front yard before I was done.

I'm sorry - that may be a bit extreme, but we work VERY hard for our licenses, and no petty personal vendetta is going to result in black marks. I want to *earn* my own demerits, thank you very much ;).


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The pharmacist IS my ex and owns the pharmacy, my daughter was sick and i took her to the er and they gave her phenergan im, the next day she was holding flds down but was c/o nausea so i called her m.d's office and left voice mail requesting phenergan to be called into her dad's store an hour later i called pharmacy was told it hadnt been called in then i called back to m.d.'s office and spoke w/ his nurse who told me that she would ask the on-call doc and either call in hte med or have him call me(if he didnt want to give phenergan) I never received call from office so i called back to pharmacy to see if it had been called in and the girl that answered asked if my daughter was okay(of course they have all known her since she was a baby) and i told her whole story at which point she put me on hold to check if it had been called in.

My ex is saying i called it in to them and he told the doc this. hope that fills in the holes


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sorry guys just reread everthing and now see where a big hole is _ no the doc never called in script was recommending emetrol , but they never got ahold of me and told me that. They said that they tried to call but they didnt leave any messages. So I just assumed they had called it in because that was what the nurse told me she would just call it in if he ordered phenergan and if not would have him call me.


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Oh, God. Major communication breakdown. Oy. Yeah, you need a lawyer who knows his stuff medically speaking, and preferably a lawyer with big, sharp TEETH.


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I still don't get why your ex wasn't in trouble for filling a script for you without a confirming TO from the doc. :confused:

Doesn't seem to me that you did anything but pick it up from pharmacy; they should not have filled it with no order.

Or--I'm still new at this-- am I missing something?


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See if you can get a nurse-attorney. They are out there and you would be well represented. Good Luck! Saying a prayer in my heart for you now.


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he's not in trouble because at this point i dont think anyone has contacted state board of pharmacy


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I think I get it....sorta;

I guess what's puzzling is that if I, Jo Citizen, tried to get a Rx filled without the Dr. calling it in, pharmacist is not supposed to fill it. Then HE (not me) is in trouble.

Sorry if I'm being a PITA....just my .02

And I do hope it all works out ok for you ((((((Hugs)))))) divorce is horrible; I"m praying for you.


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Dear prnlpn.......I know how difficult this must be....I have an ex from hades....(maybe they are brothers??) Anyway, unless there was some sort of hearing, the state board won't send out a letter of repremand based on someone's word....if that were the case, alot of us would have letters!! This sounds alittle fishy to me. Does the letter look 'official'??? Why would your ex report you........"yeah, my ex, who's a nurse called my pharmacy and ordered some medication for our daughter who is sick. The doc never called me, but I filled it anyway. I want to report her".....GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!!!!!!!:eek: I would definately contact the state board and DEMAND a meeting. Seems to me that somebody at the state board (nrsg) would have contacted the pharm. division on this one.

Do you have your own nrsg. insurance??? If so.....USE IT! If not, get some to protect yourself from you ex. He sounds like a sorry sick son-of-a-basket weaver. May a million micro-flies take up residence in his left nostril and make lots of babies!!

You hang in there and get that attorney! Don't let this moron push you around......and keep his crazy azz away from the kids....he sounds unstable......mentally!:specs: :clown: :coollook:


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Wow nana nurse sounds like you've got him pegged! In addition to the state board of nursing thing in the last few months I have been followe dto work my husband has been followed home, a private investigator has came to my house at 11:30 at nite to talk to my husband, my tires have been slashed, weird phone calls with blocked caller id(i have stopped answering them) I am thinking he is pyschotic the cops are starting to look at me like they think I'm paranoid(small town and he is well respected business owner)the judge wont do anything to stop him from seeing our daughter even though he told her he was going to keep her and not ever bring her home until after our court date which has been postponed until sept. 11 I am planning to move away asap and maybe when he dies i will be able to live in peace.

the letter of reprimand says i can request a formal hearing and i have of course already sent letter.going to talk to my lawyer again tommorrow. but would really like some input on how this will effect my license if for some ungodly reason it sticks.

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