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My ex who is currently suing me for custody and who is a pharmacist has turned me in for calling in a script under my pediatrician's name. It is a very long story but basically I called the MD to get him to call in a script for phenergan p.o. and then called the pharmacy to see if it had been called in and was told "Yeah just come and pick it up" next thing I knew my kids had been discontinued from care by the MD and I had received a letter of reprimand from state board of nursing. Any suggestions?


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WHOAAAAAA! Are you saying you didn't talk to the MD about this....or the state board?? How did this happen?? I would talk to the MD, and find out what the deal is, and write the board and ask for an appeal or whatever needs to be done. You can't let this go. I would also seek an attorney...as this is serious business. I'm very sorry to hear of this happening to you, but it's time to get some real advice from someone who knows the law!

I wish you all the best in straightening out this mess! As for who called the pharmacy and who didn't, I would make them prove it!!

((((((((((((((((((((prnlpn))))))))))))):kiss: Take care!


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I talked to my atty. about it but he doesn't get it didnt know that we nurses are the ones that call the meds in (guess he thought the docs do,lol) and I tried to call the doc but he refuses to speak with me "is letting state board handle it"


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Then I would find another attorney who DOES know about these matters. I know they're out there! What I don't get is...if he had the RX called in...why is he pissed?? Is he and your ex friends??

I'm totally serious....a different attorney!! I wouldn't let go of this...EVER!!


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My ex notified him by phone then followed up witha letterI dont think they know each other, am thinking of notifying state board of pharmacy that he is dispensing meds w/o script, and have already written state board of nursing requesting formal hearing am so pissed at him this is so stupid does the letter of reprimand stay on my licence forever? how will this effect future jobs, further education? any idea?

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It seems like a vital part of your story is missing; without knowing the whole story I think it's best for you to contact an attorney who is versed in this type of case because forging prescriptions is a very serious federal offfense and document everything that has happened.

Good Luck


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Someone called the RX in...is it now the pharmacy's position that YOU called it in and misrepresented yourself??

IMO, messing with someone's professional license and livelihood without just cause is pretty low; I also know it is done all the time...people sure can be vindictive.

I don't believe a reprimand on its own will harm your license...other than the reprimand may be published in a mailer to nurses and employers and may cause you to have to do some 'splaining on job apps. In Texas that is how RN reprimands are handled...perhaps your state is different however.

You might consider calling your local attorney bar association and ask if there is a nurse attorney in the area (RN JD). As a nurse he/she will be more likely to understand the issues. Usually the first visit is complimentary, so it's no loss. They are good people to have in your corner should you ever have to deal with your board of nurse examiners. :)

Good luck..sounds like you've got your hands full...hang in there!


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prnlpn , it is hard for us to advise you or support youwith this struggle when it seems there are pieces missing to the story...obviously you need a lawyer who can comprehend the issue...

but like i said, it's very hard to grasp the story without you filling in the gaps...with the empty holes, the story sounds a little fishy...sorry..hope you can enlighten us, as i am sure i am not the only one...


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so did you call the script in unauthorized by the MD or is your ex just saying you did?

i dunno...id remind the ex in the meantime, without a job he is going to have to pay so much more in support.


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What was the letter of reprimand for?

If the Dr. called in the script and you went and picked it up I don't see how you could be reprimanded.

I would fight it tooth and nail.

I've recieved scripts from Drs. and called in for my own meds before. Always had the hard copy with me if needed.

Most of the time they call the Dr. to confirm anyway.

I always hate to hear of divorces that turn ugly. I feel for all involved.



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You mean all of a sudden the doc wasn't going to uphold the t.o. to the pharmacy so he wasn't going to treat the patient? Somebody at that pharmacy must've talked to the doc?

Sounds like your x has connections with the pharmacist and is really trying to &$%% with you!

Get a lawyer, get a new doc and a new pharmacy! Plus apeal to the board. You have to make sure they know that this did not happen! If you say nothing then it's like an admission of guilt.

Be prepared for the next thing from the X... You see it always helps to have mafia connections for these x situations:devil:



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prnlpn, do not reduce yourself to the level of doing tic for tac! This will only make things worse in MHO. Just take care of the problem with the board. I hope things work out!

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