Lets brag about our hospitals where we work!!


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1:1 or 1:2 ratio in ICU day and night.

Fully stocked supply carts in every room.

24 hour secretarial coverage, Respiratory therapy too.

Charge nurse without an assignment.

Nursing assistants most shifts.

I eat lunch every day.

Transport nurse available by pager for patient road trips.

Nurses fill in their own schedules.

I leave work on time 90% of the time.

If only every hospital could be like this!

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Charge nurse, *usually* without an assignment

Doctors that I've been impressed with so far, as far as my dealings with them.

Pretty decent food in the cafeteria

Night shift nurses that work pretty well as a team

Huge new addition being built to the hospital

Hospital has a "guru" on staff, at least that's what I call him. He's more or less a full time guy that you can go to with any problems that you are having, on the job or personal.

That's about it so far. I could go on about the things that I don't like but this is supposed to be a positive thread I believe. =)


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Hospital has a "guru" on staff, at least that's what I call him. He's more or less a full time guy that you can go to with any problems that you are having, on the job or personal.

Like a therapist? I would be seeing that guru everyday on my lunch break.

Eventually, the guru would need a guru.


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well we might get a 3% raise this yr, that is unless the ceo desires a new office or not, but the bathrooms are clean...

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Our building is seismically sound.

Ummm, let's see, what else? We generally get 3% annual raises(UP to 3% actually but it is a positive #!)


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well, where to begin: pixys, the nicest nurses and management ever, new building with computers in the rooms, med carts filled with needed stuff, 4-5:1 ration. sounds good, don't you think? i am sooooo happy to work here!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Once you get in our hospital, it doesn't feel you are in a hospital. The lobby looks like that of a hotel and you can smell the aroma of coffee coming from the coffee shop (Seattle's Best). Also in the lobby are a barber shop (LoL), 2 restos and a grocery store. :lol2:

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We just opened a new wing in April (where I work)

All private rooms in the new wing with flat panal tv's dvd/vcr players in every room with their own private baths; large, picture windows with a view out of every room.

We're one of the very few hospitals to have won a Malcom-Baldridge Award from the White House.

The head of our kitchen was a personal chef for Donald Trump.

The patients all have room service with personalized menues based on their diets. They call for it when they're hungry.

Charges with no assignments

24 hour respiratory and nurse managers

4 nurses stations with 8 computers at each station, its own pantry and dediated pyxis.

Soon to initiate the intellidot system for meds (coming early 2008)

Good nurse to nurse repitoire. We actually like hanging out with each other outside of this place.

Quarterly bonuses based on patient satisfaction (which is usually about $500 a quarter).


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I transferred within the system from one hospital to another and it is night and day!

My new hospital has all private rooms each with daybeds for family, flat screen TV's with DVD/VCRs, private baths that have auto lights that turn on when you walk into the bathroom and turn off when you walk out. Room service - each room has a menu that the patient calls and orders their meals. We have service where dietary calls the patient or we call for meals for patients who cannot do it for themselves. This is called Dining On Call. There is wireless internet service in each room.

All rooms are on one side of the hallways, no rooms across from each other. Cubbies with desks on each hallway so we can sit and do our charting and each cubby has a tele monitor so we can see what is going on with our patients and not have to run to the nurses' station to see. We have laptops on carts that we can wheel to patients rooms - computerized charting, and medications, scanner, etc. Pyxis machines and med rooms with easy access to patient rooms.

5:1 ratio for nurses, 2 secretaries, charge nurse with no assignment. We also usually have a "float" person that helps us out through the shift. Hmm, can't think of what else but it is a world of difference from where I was.


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I claim bragging rights to a hospital whose policy is none to second, backward and still born. And its incredible Cerner system makes a mouse scurry for no reason other than busy work! Please get some memory for your very slow computers. I think Kmart is running a special in this weeks add!

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We are getting a whole new hospital!!!!!!! :balloons::balloons:

Not ready till 2009, and we in the nicu dont move till 2011..(ish! hehe) but STILL! Very exciting, I pass the new build every day on my way to work, and love to see it going up bit by bit! Imagine..all new and fresh. Roll on 2011..(ISH!):lol2:


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Computerized charting, aides on all med/surg and ICU units, and new floor coming in 2012 (so they say).

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