Lets brag about our hospitals where we work!!


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For me in the open heart unit its:

Computers in each room

Computer terminals on carts throughout the unit

Internet access

Lots of docs and PA's in the units at all times for support

1:1 ratio

med scanning

free peanut butter, juice, apple sauce, and milk! (yes, this is a big deal)

techs, aids, and secretaries who do a LOT

I wish I could brag about the pay, but it's not all that great.

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We're supposed to be getting an expansion to our ER. Of course we've heard that lie before.... But this time they are knocking down walls, so maybe they really are going to do it. The nurses I work with are like my family.



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weve been trying to go computerized for the last 2 years, but about 3 months ago we finally got internet connection.... that was pretty cool. and then, last week, my station got a brand new 02 sat machine thingy.... that was pretty cool too. even though i got these cool brand new stuff, i still got 48 patients =)



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What do you expect me to say

The hospital where I work has excellent pay.

No I won't go somewhere else

I like where I work

"Cause I can look out for myself.

Flexible scheduling

No management meddling

I love this place

Gives me all the space

to explore other areas

without any hysteria

that I might one day

want to say

good-bye then stray

my merry way

to another hospital

in suuny L.A.



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