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Hiya. Do any of you have any tips for learning all of the bones??? I'm trying to prepare for the summer course of anatomy!



there is an anatomy coloring book available in book stores (may be in your school bookstore). Very helpful.


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I made and labeled my own skeleton. There is also a web-site, Learn em' bones? Or lumen? I'm sure someone knows the site I am talking about and will post the link, or look under the sticky post concerning helpful web-sites.


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A nice lab manual/anatomy coloring book helped me immensely!!!!!!!!

I colored in the various bones with different colored color pencils. It sounds sort of childish but it really helped break everything down for me. ie. when your looking at a black and white drawing of the skull, they all kind blend together but if you color code them, ie. Occipital, Frontal, Temporal, it makes it easier to locate them and seperate them from one another.

Also, check out the stickied website in this student section. A lot of them are to really good A&P sites.

Another thing that may help is to try to memorize 5-10 a day depending on how much time you have before your exam. Also, quizing yourself when ever you have a spare moment will help to. I used to quiz myself in the shower, still do.

Sometimes touching the bone on your own body and saying the name out loud makes it easier to remember too.

Good luck!


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:) You guys are awesome! Thanks for the tips. I just bought a coloring book last Saturday, but haven't really had time to look at it yet. I'm taking chemistry (yuck yuck yuck) now and will be starting anatomy in the summer. I also thought I'd make my boyfriend learn them with me so he can help quiz me on them. I thought about getting a skeleton, but the cheaper ones (

When you all talk about the sticky post, what exactly is that???

Thanks again!!!


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I have some old A&P coloring books I never used. I'm taking A&P starting next week, so I dragged those out, in addition to the 5 other books and study guides I bought. I hope they help!


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Sticky - the top of the page has "threads" that always remain at the top.

I used http://www.webanatomy.com to study bones, muscles, etc.

Good luck.


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Copy the pages of the coloring book so that you can keep naming & ID them over and over again.

Also, if you have a lab practical test on the bones, take pictures of them in lab so you can review them outside of lab.


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We just had out exam on that last week...our teacher combined both bones and muscle!! But thank goodness I got an A. The ony tip I can give you is that photocopy your lab book that will come your text book. This has pictures of the bones and then try labeling them. You have to photocopy them multiple times so you can practice a lot. The key is practice! Hope this helps!

Sticky - the top of the page has "threads" that always remain at the top.

I used www.webanatomy.com to study bones, muscles, etc.

Good luck.


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flashcards really helped me. I copied the various diagrams in my book that showed where to bone was and cut it out and taped it to one side of an index card and then I would write the name of the bone on the other side. It was a little more work in the beginning but it really did help me.



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You guys are great!!! Does anybody have any good web sites?

Didn't work??? www.webanatomy.com


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I took it in the fall, so we were lucky and able to buy those plastic skeletons they sell around Halloween. You could probably do an ebay search for plastic skeletons. Seriously!

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