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Katherin Heigl Scrubs

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Has anyone tried out the Katherine Heigl Collection of scrubs? Are they comfortable, how do they fit and wash? They seem to have really cute patterns, just wondering how they wear. Thanks!!!

madwife2002, BSN, RN

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I saw them advertised too and would be interested to hear any comments


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I have a couple pairs of the pants - the ones with the drawstring in the legs. I've only been wearing for a couple months, but the are comfortable and seem to wear and wash well. I think they ride a little low on my waist, which I'm not a big fan of, but otherwise they are pretty cute, and I have gotten complements on them.

suzy253, RN

Specializes in Telemetry/Med Surg.

I've seen them, haven't tried them but a girl I work with has a couple of the tops and they're quite cute. She loves them.

labrador4122, RN

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I saw them at the store, but I did not like the fabric on them, and they are kind of fitted at the top, like a waist thing and I did not like the way the fit me.

I gotta lose like 40lbs to look good in those types. I am 5"2 and weigh 140lbs.


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I like some of her tops as well, waiting for a sale of some kind, they are a little overpriced for my taste.

Thanks for the fabric tip.


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I have one top. The fitting is a bit odd. Runs on the smaller side. The fabric isn't real special either. Disappointed all together.:down:


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I have a scrub jacket, I am disappointed with it. Instead of the patch pockets, it has rounded side pockets and I swear everything wants to fall out of my pockets. Plus, while the fabric design is cute, the cut is more towards a juniors fit.


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I tried several items and none of them fit well except for the lab coat.

The pants ran very large-they were so big in the hips and thighs they looked like jodhpurs, but the talls I ordered were truly long, which is hard to find.

The tops were big in the shoulders but snug in the bust and cut too long-the hems hit me at the widest part of my hips, which I find unflattering.

I have to wear white at work, so can only tell you about the white fabric, but it was a good heavy quality, though the white had a pinkish undertone that made it difficult to mix with whites from other brands.


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I bought a top recently because it looked more like a tunic top than a scrub top. I haven't worn it yet but it did look very nice when i tried it on. it only cost $10 at Alko (in Baltimore) and if they get anymore styles in, I am definitely interested. I think they look great and feminine.


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i have a white pair of pants and they are completely see through. didn't expect that because they were kind of expensive. i have to wear white for school. twas a bummer


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Tried on a set, was not very impressed. The fabric seemed cheap and fit very strangely. Would rather have a cute tunic style top by Cherokee for half the price. If they did not have Katherine Heigl's name on them, I doubt they would sell at all.

Indy, LPN, LVN

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I just want to know what she has against real pockets! There is maybe one top with real pockets on it, the rest are those sideways things that your stuff will fall out of.

I'm having a problem finding scrubs that I like...but I love the pants from the london collection. They have a nice thick knit waistband. Nothing else really worked for me though :(


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I just want to know what she has against real pockets! There is maybe one top with real pockets on it, the rest are those sideways things that your stuff will fall out of.

Real pockets, when full, create funky bulges over the hips / belly?

who knows where to buy it online? are there any sale items on the net? thanks!


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Allheart had some on sale recently so I ordered a couple of tops and a pair of pants to try. I think they are cute, and I've only worn one of the sets once, but so far I like them.

I've just bought 7 tops from Bealls. They were $9.99 but were on clearance with 50% off. I also bought them on a Friday so I get and extra 15% off. so I really got them for $4.25 each!!!!!!....

I love the fabric, it's definitely of quality. Also wrinkle resistant. The cut is petite and very feminine, compliments my body. I haven't washed them yet.

So psyched because I'm starting on Monday as an RN

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