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MrsMommaRN has 2 years experience and specializes in orthopaedics.

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  1. MrsMommaRN

    How to cope as a new nurse

    What you are going through is true for a new nurse anywhere. You feel proud of what you do and want to do it well. You want those around you to see you are competent. You are doing your job. Keep doing it. For some reason nurses have a hard time remembering how it was when they started. Some get frustrated when someone new comes along and feel that the new person should be up to speed immediately. Ask questions do your best and don't worry about what other nurses think. That is their problem.
  2. MrsMommaRN

    Is Any Nurse Actually HAPPY?

    I truly love my profession. Right now I am not loving the current situation I am in. I am also truly miserable. You are not alone. This is hard sometimes. Harder than I ever thought. I know that nurses are miserable everywhere for different reasons. The turn over rate for nursing in general is high. Sadly oftentimes it is because of other co workers that are miserable themselves and end up driving nurses away. All you can do is focus on you and your nursing practice. If you truly feel you can't tolerate where you are there are so many other places you can go. Some people are not happy unless they are making those around them just as miserable as they are.
  3. i hate the whole notebook thing. i also hate when they stare at the tele monitor and come to the nurses station for every fluxuation. i understand being scared and concerned for your loved one, but like the op stated it really doesn't make you want to care for that person.
  4. MrsMommaRN

    Where do you think the nursing problem / shortage begins??

    one of the problems i am seeing is burnout. not just from the workload, but from the crap we as nurses take from patients and managers. we are often left with our hands tied. damned if we do damned if we don't.
  5. MrsMommaRN

    What is your biggest nursing pet peeve?

    when nurses and nurses aides are supposed to take the abuse of pt.s with a smile. if we dare try to defend ourselves or our coworkers we (nurses or nurses aides) are made to be the bad guys.
  6. MrsMommaRN

    Nursing, Smoking, and Kids

    Sorry smoking around your children is not child abuse. Taking a lit cigarette, burning them, intentionally blowing smoke in their face, or forcing them to smoke is. While the OP intentions are good it sounds like they need to stay out of their business unles the child is being harmed. Yes smoking is bad for you. Yes I am a smoker I have smoked since I was 14. I quit with both pregnancies. My children are fine. I smoke outside yes even in the winter, when its raining, etc. I do not smoke in my car period. There are other things to save the world from beside smokers.
  7. MrsMommaRN

    The Best Hospitals List

    i work for summa health sytems and they have been on the list 11 years in a row!!
  8. MrsMommaRN


    depends on the setting. if this is an inpatent setting i would assist the patient as much as possbile with hygiene needs. ie: assist with washing if needed . if the patient needs educated on self care and the use of deodorents provide education and the proper tools.
  9. MrsMommaRN

    A Bad, Bad Day

    right now it may not seem like it, but what happend is really not horrible. you were thrown into a routine that you are not used to. you provided the best possible care to those that needed you. it is a wonderful thing that you are so caring about your residents. :heartbeat
  10. MrsMommaRN

    what jobs in nursing dont require weekends?

    congrats on your acceptance into the nursing program. i don't know where you are, but a lot of the hospitals in my area (ne ohio) have a weekend option program where there are nurses that exclusively work weekends. this leaves the rest of us to staff the week. i work 3 12 hour shifts a week 2 mondays and 2 fridays a month. so yes to answer your original question it is possible.
  11. MrsMommaRN

    Nasty co-workers

    believe it or not there are some great supportive nursing environments out there. the op is dated june 5. i hope the poster has had some iterviews and is in a better workplace. to deal with the petty and the inane it's best to stay out of it. be friendly to everyone and don't feed into the bs.
  12. how horrible. makes you wonder what the thought process was behind this.
  13. MrsMommaRN

    inappropriate comment made by RN in front of patient

    this goes back to basics. this is someones mother sister wife daughter etc. how would you feel if you would hear someone say that about your family member? report it. perhaps the nurse getting the patient had several admissions that day, was having a bad day who knows? it still does not give her the right to talk that way. if she felt that way fine but keep it to herself.
  14. To the drug seekers: "Are you kidding me? Your pain is a 10++ but you can make out with your girlfriend talk on your cell phone and order take out"
  15. the docs we work with are great. sure they have their days, but they are very supportive to the nurses and know they depend on our view to plan patient care.
  16. MrsMommaRN

    How does your facility minimize fall risk?

    i think everything that was mentioned here we do. safety checks q 1 hr call light in reach bed in low position non skid slippers yellow armband for high fall risks fall risk screening @ admission and daily if needed remind patients to ask for help with ambulation and transfers to chairs and beds personal alarms if needed bed alarms that's all i can think of now.