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modelmama07 specializes in Wannabe NICU Nurse.

I am a El Centro College nursing student, at the North Lake campus. I love being around people and helping others! I am a proud mom to a 2 yr old little boy as well. ;-)

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  1. I notice that majority of my professors really drill, that you should at least do med-surg one, to two years before going into a speciality. I know for a fact that I want to work in the NICU or the nursery, so I don't see why I should torture myself for 1-2 years in an area that I am not crazy about. Yes, you get great skills and concepts in med-surg but who is to say you won't get that in another area?? I'm towards the end of my second semester, and I'm starting a PCT position on a Telemetry floor in May as a PRN, and possibly getting a Nurse Extern position on a OR, recovery floor. I figure this will help me with prioritzing and building my confidence and skills, since as a Nurse Extern you do many of the the things the RN would do with some limitations. Yet, I'm still hesitant to do 1-2 years of med/surg. What do you guys think? Is it really THAT beneficial?
  2. modelmama07

    El Centro/Northlake College Fall 2009 Class

    Thank you! :) See you, Tuesday!! I wound up, knocking about $200 dollars off my books, by finding better deals online, and all the books are brand new. So I'm happy!
  3. modelmama07

    El Centro/Northlake College Fall 2009 Class

    Does anybody know the ISBN for the Med-Surg Text for first semester?? I'm trying to make sure I order the correct one with the CD.
  4. modelmama07

    Age you will/were graduated?

    I'll be 24, I think its a good age, I probably could have been done earlier, but it took me a while to get focused, but hey, I'm here now! :)
  5. modelmama07

    El Centro/Northlake College Fall 2009 Class

    Hi Julee! I was hoping to get in a Presby but they called my # last, and the girl in front of me took the last Presby spot. lol :chuckle I'm still needing to get my lab coat, and books, I tried to look for the books online, and have fond almost every single one, but I'm wondering if I'm going to miss out on the Mosby Online Resource Library. Have you paid for your drug screen and background check yet?
  6. Well everyone, one more week before orientation, I am so nervous, yet so excited!! :) I'm still needing to get my books, and a few other things before school starts, but all in all, I'M READY!! I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone, my name is Mesha, I am at the Northlake Campus, and my clinicals are going to be at Doctor's Hospital. I'm hoping everyone that is on allnurses.com can kind of team up and share notes or thoughts throughout the next two years. I'm trying to work on getting my OneNote skills up to par, I've never used it before but it seems like it will be a huge help in organizing my notes, since I mostly do things from the computer. I look forward to hopefully meeting everyone on here in person one day, and I really want to see everybody walk across the stage and pass the NCLEX on the first try, WE CAN DO THIS!!
  7. modelmama07


    I have about 11 books, that come in our book package which is looking like $821, which they say is a good deal with about $393.50 in savings from $1214.50...I am a person who has always bought my books online from different sites, but I'm not sure I should do that this time. If I buy the box I get free access to Mosby's Nursing Consult Student Edition, and they say its valued at $244 per year...I'm wondering if it worth it, they say it will be for research paper and etc...I don't know I'm confused...lol
  8. modelmama07

    Brookhaven/Mountain View Fall 2009

    Sorry I haven't kept tabs with everyone, but I didn't get accepted into Brookhaven. However, I did get accepted into El Centro's program so either way it goes I'm starting nursing school this fall!!!! YAY!!! Congrats to everyone who got accepted, we are on our way!!!
  9. modelmama07

    Northlake\El Centro Fall 09

    I got in as well!!! I'm super excited, I got my packet on the 17th, two days after they mailed them out! I'm at the Northlake Campus!!! I had a 3.6 pre-req GPA, and 3.53 on support reqs!!! Congrats to everyone that got in!!! See you at orientation!!
  10. modelmama07

    El Centro College Acceptance Letter

    Fall 08 cut off was a 3.4 something...I had a friend who got in that semester and her GPA was lower than a 3.7.
  11. modelmama07

    Brookhaven/Mountain View Fall 2009

    Bump! I know we always have a BHC/MVC crew on here every app period!
  12. modelmama07

    ADN programs in Dallas area questions

    You have plenty of options in the Dallas area!! 1.) El Centro College ADN Program- (I'm currently a student there hoping to get in this Fall) 2.) Brookhaven College ADN Program- (I'm also about to apply here as well for next fall, their program is a little shorter than El Centro's) 3.) Collin County ADN Program- (I don't know much about their program, but they do have one) Those are the main 3 that I know about in the Dallas vicinity. I also know Tarrant County has a program but I'm not sure at which campus. I know plenty of info about Brookhaven and El Centro programs so if you have any additional questions I would be willing to answer them for you. As far as your time limit on your courses you may have to retake some of them, if you don't pass an examination for those classes. In ADN programs though, the better your GPA, the better your chances are of getting in. So depending on what your GPA is for your pre-reqs you may consider retaking classes for a higher grade.
  13. I did Micro and A&P II together. It was still very difficult, and people looked at me like I was crazy but I aced both! Also at that time my son was 11 -15 months and stayed at home with me. I also had two other classes that I juggled at the same time as well. So it can be done! It all depends on how focused you are and how you manage your time.
  14. modelmama07

    Brookhaven/Mountain View Fall 2009

    Is there anyone else applying for this fall. I believe the program is going to be accepting about 80 students since Mountain View is accepting a class this Fall. I'm not sure how many points I will have yet, because I'm going to retake my HESI on Feb. 12th. So we'll see. Yet, this is my first time applying and I'm taking my Patho, Pharm, Dosage and End of Life as we speak. So EVERYTHING is riding on my HESI. Good luck to everyone! Let's hope and pray everyone on Allnurses gets in!
  15. modelmama07

    Applying to El Centro RN for Fall 2009

    The cut off was a 3.6 at El Centro only. It was lower at Northlake, so be optimistic! :) As long as you get in somewhere, that should be all that matters.
  16. modelmama07

    Elcentro/northlake fall hopefuls

    I'm applying to El Centro and Brookhaven as well!! I'm hoping to get into either. I plan on retaking my HESI for a higher score but anyway it goes, I'm so nervous because I'm worried about the cut-off GPA as well. Its been pretty consistant the last few semesters so hopefully that will hold up this semester... We'll see!! :)