Kaplan or U world?


I did hurst but need a good W bank, which is better, Kaplan or Uworld?


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U World


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UWorld!! Mainly because of their awesome detailed rationales and the questions are not vague and confusing as in Kaplan in my honest opinion ;)


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Kaplan seems really vague at first but it's good practice to critically think about what each possible answer really represents.

We got Kaplan and ATI through our school. I also use NCLEX mastery app on my phone.

I haven't used Uworld.

Testing in 3 days. I can update and let you know how not compares if you like.

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Uworld !

Uworld questions are very hard -- so keep at them, and don't get discouraged ! :)

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Uworld for sure! Helped me pass in 75 questions.


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I didn't use Kaplan, but I loved Uworld. I used it almost exclusively to study and I passed in 75 questions.


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My school made us get Kaplan. Didn't like it, rationale was to vague. I used Uworld and their rationale was so much more detailed. I used Uworld and Hurst. Passed the NCLEX with 75 questions.


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For sure!!!! The rationales in Kaplan Qbank are terrible in comparison to Uworld. Uworld rationales are very detailed, concise, and informative... it even has pictures and diagrams. You will barely even need to google anything for further understanding because all the infor is right there. I would only do Kaplan qbank AFTER finishing Uworld.

It it is very important to read and UNDERSTAND the rationales. Whether you get the answer right or wrong. I passed in 75 questions & felt good about my performance when I walked out the door.