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  1. aeris99

    Appropriate time to apply to other positions?

    I am not a single parent but my husbands schedule can be really hard. He is often called out of town on short notice, works days sometimes, nights others. It's easier to just not factor him into my schedule so that I don't get caught without childcare. I currently work 3 12's, which is considered full time. Occasionally I pick up an extra shift here and there.
  2. Hello all! Looking for a bit of career advice from those who have a few more years experience than I do. I'm currently working nights on a tele floor. My one year hire date is coming up. The schedule is really having negative impact on my family life and emotional state. My child is falling behind in school due to not having support at home with school work and winds up having to sleep over at the sitters some weeks due to my ever changing schedule. I am constantly exhausted from trying to flip flop my sleep schedule. And frankly I am becoming depressed. I feel like I just can't keep up with the demands at home with this work schedule. I had thought about asking to switch to day shift on my unit, despite my misgivings about working on such a chaotic shift. It looks like there won't be a day opening for quite a while. There are spots open for days in some of the external physician offices, within the same organization. I'd like to apply for them but I'm hesitant to do so as I haven't been there a year yet. So what do you think? I appreciate the input!
  3. aeris99

    WILTW 2/19: The Seven Stages of Grievance (Part II)

    Hello again everyone. As I now seem to have an abundance of spare time I thought I'd pop in. It's been nearly a month (29 days but who's counting?) since management made it clear that I was not going to be able to attain the goals they set out for me. Partly because those goals seemed to change from one day to the next. I was told that they would support me as I interviewed for other units in the hope that I would be able to transfer internally. That did not happen. I am now back to resumes and applications. And in the tricky spot of being a newer grad, with a few months of experience, that I don't think I should put on my resume. I've learned that ulcers suck.
  4. aeris99

    WILTW 1/22: Cozy Up To Gas Exchange

    Big squishy hugs right back at you pixie! I'm sorry that you're dealing with health issues but it's good that you're addressing it. Hopefully it will turn out all right. You'll be in my thoughts.
  5. aeris99

    WILTW 1/22: Cozy Up To Gas Exchange

    It's been a while since I opened my laptop up. Even longer since I checked in here. And today I could really use a space to talk where I know people will understand what I'm feeling and dealing with. If this is a tad emotional I apologize now. I'm still on the same unit. I've been on the floor on my own for just a little over one month now. And it has been a huge struggle. Just acclimating to working overnights and trying to adjust to the units workflow has been a challenge. Add into it that I am on an understaffed, heavy, hectic unit with a mixed bag patient population... It's a wonder I've gotten this far. This week I have learned that I can not handle 5 patients. That I must somehow remember patient info spanning the entire admission (as I have been told I am not to write it down. That takes too long and I am too slow as it is.) That I seriously need to go back to studying labs and the associated need for them. That despite all the talk of addressing problems with your coworkers first, there are people who will not do that, even if you ask for feedback. They will toss you right into the fire. And most times there is not a thing you can do about it. I suppose the biggest thing I have learned this week is that I need to take a minute to evaluate my career goals. They may not be attainable at this point. Do I stay on the unit, transfer to another unit, leave the hospital all together? Heck maybe I should just go back to tending bar and waiting tables. At least there it wasn't a shock to be called incompetent. For the moment I'm going to have a short pity party. And maybe eat a whole box of chocolate donuts.
  6. aeris99

    New Grad Nursling Struggles

    I don't have too many words of wisdom for you. But I did want to let you know that I share your feelings. I'm in a similar situation and having to evaluate whether I need to consider moving to a different unit or out of the hospital setting all together. I'm a new grad too. I've been at my job for 5 months, off orientation for 1. Up until this point I have found ways to work around my brains lovely wiring. But it's just not cutting it now. My only advice to you is what I plan to do myself. Take a little while to digest the feedback I have received, evaluate my ability to improve to the goals set and make a back up in case I find that I can not preform to the standards which have been set. Also for what it's worth, float pool is not where I would want to be starting out fresh after graduation. I'm struggling despite being on one unit. I can't imagine trying to get my feet under me while bouncing from unit to unit.
  7. aeris99

    11/19: Handle the Harvest Moon with Care

    I have learned so much in the last few weeks that I don't even know where to start. So instead of the clinical side I'll focus on the emotions related to transitioning from student to new nurse. Conflicting input from preceptors causes extreme frustration for me. I had been told that I need to shorten my report by skipping benign assessment info. This resulted in being told that I need to provide more info in report at the end of my next shift. When my preceptor constantly jumps in on report and conversations, it undermines any sense of competency I have. End result is optical leakage on my way out the door. I'm seriously wondering if I made a mistake taking this job. Between scheduling, rotating preceptors and nearly constant illnesses at home I feel totally burnt out and overwhelmed. Im due to come off orientation in the next week or two and I don't feel confident in my abilities. Clinically I have learned that femoral access closure devices sometimes fail. The resulting bleed can be large, rapid and terrifying.
  8. aeris99

    WILTW 10/22: ENT and the Priapism

    I'm a month into my new job and I feel like I'm drowning. Today I learned that no amount of squishing down feelings will stop me from crying at work. Also the tissues turn into powerdery snow that sticks to your face. As far as actual nursing info, dilt drips require Q2 BP checks. Which I did not know and subsequently did not perform. Discharges can go south real fast when the patient sundowns. I have no ability to distinguish between a drug seeking patient and one in actual pain. Because of this I treat them all as if they are in pain. This can rankle the other staff at times. Also my time management really sucks right now. I think I need to make an appointment with EAP. I don't have anyone to talk to about work stress that understands the pressure I'm feeling and it's really eating me up. Tomorrows a new day. Hopefully I can avoid crying.
  9. aeris99

    WILTW 10/8: Flexed to Tenacity

    Hi everyone. I've been MIA partly due to the loss of the app. More to do with me working now. Is this the current thread? If not can someone link me to it?
  10. I searched again but I didn't see a new post so time for an update. I had multiple interviews over the last two weeks. I was called back to all 3 facilities. Two offered shadows, one wanted to skip right to a peer interview. This was all very exciting and slightly overwhelming. I ended up doing a shadow at my first choice hospital. It went very well and I was asked back to interview with the director. That turned out to be very short and I kind of thought I had blown it. I got a call from HR a few minutes after I left offering me the job! I'm now officially employed as an RN! Squee! I start in two weeks. I'm betting that the learning curve is going to be steep. I'm starting on PCU. I'm actually looking forward to the dysrhythmias class that I get to take. I really miss the app. I can;t read on the laptop for too long without getting eye strain and a headache.
  11. Is there a new thread going or should I just post here? Not that I've learned too much lately but I do have a brief update.
  12. aeris99

    7/30 This week, I learned Deanna Troi sucks

    I'm so very sorry for your loss.
  13. aeris99

    7/30 This week, I learned Deanna Troi sucks

    oops. sent a blank post somehow?
  14. aeris99

    7/30 This week, I learned Deanna Troi sucks

    I will go back and read the full thread in a little bit but for now here's my contributions. I have learned that: The allnurses app I was hiding on my phone stopped working weeks ago. This explains my recent absence. No matter how well you think an interview went, you can still be passed over. Depression and anxiety can really knock you flat. Add on irritation of an old injury with a side order of judgemental doctor and well...I'd really love to find a nice big hole to hide in for a while.
  15. aeris99

    ATI Live review/Predictor Score

    I honestly felt like it was just a 3 day "cram" session. The live review was tailored to our class results so the instructor went over the stuff we got wrong in the predictors. Which was really not any of the stuff I needed to go over. It's just my personality, but I got frustrated.
  16. aeris99

    Dropping out of nursing school

    Ask someone in the early childhood program at your school if there are any students looking for work. Might be cheaper and more flexible. Sounds like your support system really stinks. If it is really what you want to do, you have to find a way. And your boyfriend needs to get his head...back in the sunshine. If he won't help you figure it out, you're going to have to make some tough choices. I have 2 kids, both considered special needs. Finding a sitter was a nightmare. My mom and friends helped me tremendously. You can find a way of you really want to continue school.