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  1. Appropriate time to apply to other positions?

    I am not a single parent but my husbands schedule can be really hard. He is often called out of town on short notice, works days sometimes, nights others. It's easier to just not factor him into my schedule so that I don't get caught without childcar...
  2. Hello all! Looking for a bit of career advice from those who have a few more years experience than I do. I'm currently working nights on a tele floor. My one year hire date is coming up. The schedule is really having negative impact on my family lif...
  3. WILTW 2/19: The Seven Stages of Grievance (Part II)

    Hello again everyone. As I now seem to have an abundance of spare time I thought I'd pop in. It's been nearly a month (29 days but who's counting?) since management made it clear that I was not going to be able to attain the goals they set out for m...
  4. WILTW 1/22: Cozy Up To Gas Exchange

    Big squishy hugs right back at you pixie! I'm sorry that you're dealing with health issues but it's good that you're addressing it. Hopefully it will turn out all right. You'll be in my thoughts.
  5. WILTW 1/22: Cozy Up To Gas Exchange

    It's been a while since I opened my laptop up. Even longer since I checked in here. And today I could really use a space to talk where I know people will understand what I'm feeling and dealing with. If this is a tad emotional I apologize now. I'm st...
  6. New Grad Nursling Struggles

    I don't have too many words of wisdom for you. But I did want to let you know that I share your feelings. I'm in a similar situation and having to evaluate whether I need to consider moving to a different unit or out of the hospital setting all toget...
  7. 11/19: Handle the Harvest Moon with Care

    I have learned so much in the last few weeks that I don't even know where to start. So instead of the clinical side I'll focus on the emotions related to transitioning from student to new nurse. Conflicting input from preceptors causes extreme frust...
  8. WILTW 10/22: ENT and the Priapism

    I'm a month into my new job and I feel like I'm drowning. Today I learned that no amount of squishing down feelings will stop me from crying at work. Also the tissues turn into powerdery snow that sticks to your face. As far as actual nursing info, ...
  9. WILTW 10/8: Flexed to Tenacity

    Hi everyone. I've been MIA partly due to the loss of the app. More to do with me working now. Is this the current thread? If not can someone link me to it?
  10. I searched again but I didn't see a new post so time for an update. I had multiple interviews over the last two weeks. I was called back to all 3 facilities. Two offered shadows, one wanted to skip right to a peer interview. This was all very excitin...
  11. Is there a new thread going or should I just post here? Not that I've learned too much lately but I do have a brief update.
  12. 7/30 This week, I learned Deanna Troi sucks

    I'm so very sorry for your loss.
  13. 7/30 This week, I learned Deanna Troi sucks

    oops. sent a blank post somehow?
  14. 7/30 This week, I learned Deanna Troi sucks

    I will go back and read the full thread in a little bit but for now here's my contributions. I have learned that: The allnurses app I was hiding on my phone stopped working weeks ago. This explains my recent absence. No matter how well you think an ...
  15. ATI Live review/Predictor Score

    I honestly felt like it was just a 3 day "cram" session. The live review was tailored to our class results so the instructor went over the stuff we got wrong in the predictors. Which was really not any of the stuff I needed to go over. It's just my p...