Just took Nclex-PN


Stopped at 105 question!! Wonder if anyone has passed with 105?


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I'm sure you did fine! :) How do you feel about it? Have you tried the Pearson Vue Trick?


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Test was all over the place never zoned into any one section.Tried trick got massage" Results on hold"


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best of luck!!


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I think that's a good sign then!!!! I'm sure did great! :) I am going to take mine Friday so 2 more days.... any words of wisdom??

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Hey Candy, i sure you did fine have faith. The pvt didn't take you all the way to the cc page so you should be ok. I'll be praying for you and sending good vibes your way.:D


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Thanks for all the prayers! I still don't know anything had to go back to Pearson today and do one finger print don't know what was up with that. I really hope I passed.


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Candy i hope you pass too, I just took my second NCLEX PN also last week and i stop at 205. I tried the trick also and it didnt let me go through CC page this time :D . My 1st NCLEX i stopped at 95 and when i tried the Trick it went all the way to CC so looks like the trick is really accurate.

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I passed my nclex with 205 questions so im sure you did fine!!


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Sure, lots of people have passed with 105. People pass or don't pass with every number from minimum to maximum number of questions. Good luck.


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I PASSED!!!!:dncgbby:


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congrats!! I took mine on tuesday too. What's pearson vue trick? How do i check that?

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