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I graduated in January of this year. I am reviewing for the NCLEX.

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  1. dimeness

    I PASSED.... This is what I wished someone told me..

    Hi! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!! I was just wondering.. how many weeks did you review for the nclex? When did you decide you were ready to take the boards? I'm still reviewing for the nlcex.. I dont know when i'm gonna take it. Thank you so much for the tips! Good luck!
  2. I did it! And so can you. I graduated in Januay of this yr. It was not easy working 40 hrs a week and going to school at night. I coudn't afford to cut back on my hours at work. I only had 4 hrs of sleep each night. We also had class on Saturdays. Only day off I had was Sunday. Alot of us in the evening class had work in the moring. Thanks to Starbucks I was able to stay up and made it through lectures and clinicals. I would read during my break time at work and lunch break at school and on my day off. "Yes you can!"
  3. dimeness

    How expensive is your program?

    My tuition was $29,500 here in North Cali. So expensive. It's still going up. Last time I checked was $31,000.
  4. Ok.. so I graduated from the LVN program in January'09. My school do not offer NCLEX review. I am on my own. Every time I tried to study I get sleepy, tired or unfocused. What should I do to get myself motivated or interested?