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jmanshutt has 8 years experience as a LPN.


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  1. jmanshutt

    Nightingale College

    Had anyone heard of or have any experience with nightingale college. My employer if giving me a free ride for my RN to this school but I have never heard of them. Any help would be awesome. Thanks all
  2. jmanshutt

    Lpn becoming obsolete

    Your going to keep seeing LPN's being pushed to the nursing homes from Acute care settings. Even now I currently working in a LTC facility and 8 years ago when I started LPN's were everywhere on the floor, even holding charge positions. Now the way the reimbursement is going the charge positions are now being filled with RN's to get the RN staffing up for the 5 star ratings. My suggestion go straight for your RN! Good luck with whatever you decide.
  3. jmanshutt

    Help nurses license to expire

    I think that I will have to end up doing the long drive in the morning. I called them several times and they keep saying that the site is jammed up and to keep trying. So frustrating!
  4. jmanshutt

    Help nurses license to expire

    having trouble renewing nursing license for about the past 2 weeks I have tried the online method and it keeps giving me an error that they cannot submit my payment due to an input error. Have attempted using different peoples cards and the same thing.
  5. jmanshutt

    Valentines Activities

    Thanks those are some good ideas that I am going to look into. It has taken many year to get into the position that I have and I miss the direct care with the residents. I bothers me that they do the same activities over and over again so these ideas will help to create some new activities thanks alot
  6. jmanshutt

    Valentines Activities

    Looking for valentines day activities that people have done with residents on V- day, my activities director uses the same thing over and over so im looking for some new ideas
  7. jmanshutt

    So, Im a brand new Nurse, Help!

    Nursing is not something that you can expect to know what you are doing within 2 days or 2 weeks. When i fist started in long term care after i finished school i was oriented to the position for 6 weeks. And in that 6 weeks i learned about the position that i was assuming and alot about assessments, paper work and all the other things that go along with it. I can tell you that after 4 years there are things that i still dont know and things that i am still learning. Dont expect to know everything in a few days or in a few weeks. Nursing is one of those beautiful careers in which everyday is a learning expreience. Good luck and enjoy your career.
  8. jmanshutt

    What is your current LPN salary

    Pennsylvania 18.50/hr plus charge pay, manager pay 25.75
  9. jmanshutt

    Ages of male nursing students?

    I'm 19 and i am an LPN and for some reason all the residents think i am a nurses aid! haha
  10. jmanshutt

    Just took Nclex-PN

    I passed my nclex with 205 questions so im sure you did fine!!
  11. jmanshutt

    NCLEX-PN ?

    Sounds like she passed to me!! i Know how she feels i also look the LPN boards about a month ago
  12. I have a few nursing study nclex books but none of them seem to be hitting the subject and i failed my first nclex and i feel like nothing i looked at in any of those books helped me out at all. So i was wondering what worked for you if you could let me know. Thanks
  13. jmanshutt

    Welcome To The NCLEX September Support Group

    I am also talking my nclex for the second time next month and i am very nervous too i hope everyone the best i know how i felt going into it the first time!!! goodluck
  14. jmanshutt

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I took my test today in pennsylvania and my computer shut off at 88 questions. I looked on this website today and heard about the trick, and tried it and it's letting me go the whole way to the payment and i was wondering if it might be too early to work because i only took it at 8am this morn. Somebody please help i am a nervous wreak and i need some advice before i explode!
  15. jmanshutt

    Finished NCLEX......Freaking Out!

    I just took my Pn nclex today and i had 54 SATA questions!!! i'm freaking out too!!! GOODLUCK
  16. I took my LPN boards today and when i got done with the 88th question the computer shut off, i here that alot of them shut off at 85 but never 88, and i am really worried, does anybody have a similar experience and pass or fail let me know please!! Thanks