Valentines Activities


Looking for valentines day activities that people have done with residents on V- day, my activities director uses the same thing over and over so im looking for some new ideas


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One year we did a Valentines luncheon- each pt got a rosebud on their tray, we put large paper hearts under the plates, played big band / swing songs.

Another year we watched Lady and the Tramp and had some heart shaped cookies for our evening activity. That was actually a big hit!

I know- not terrifically creative, but can be put together and cleaned up in a hurry.

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If you have a military base near you, or a college with an ROTC--invite them for a Valentine dance. Big Band music and such--or if your local schools have a chorus, acapella group--have them come sing some love songs. Have some local brownie troops/boy scouts come and give valentine's to the residents.

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Those are all awesome ideas.. It's nice that you care enough to ask.

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Thanks those are some good ideas that I am going to look into. It has taken many year to get into the position that I have and I miss the direct care with the residents. I bothers me that they do the same activities over and over again so these ideas will help to create some new activities thanks alot