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Just took nclex pn and finished with 205 questions!

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hi guyz just wanted to update ya'll...i re-took my nclex on tuesday and guess wat? i PASSED!!! so thank you so much for your positive energy towards me! and also i only studied from saunders as well and my exam ended at 86 questions! am soooo happy =)

Congratulations needyourprayers85, Glad you did it. God bless on your career.


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@needyourprayers... congratulations. with All nurses your not alone.. they are all here to cheer you up, give encouragement to became a nurse.

Allnurses.com your great.


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:monkeydance::ancong!::monkeydance: SHout it to the world, I still get giddy to tell people!

Congratulations =)

thank you everbody!!! now im moving on to finish my RN!!! wish me luck!


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