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  1. I know our prison just hired a few more LVN's this past week, and still have a couple registry nurses working as well. CDCR is currently going through a massive re-alignment though so who knows whats coming down the line?
  2. Phyxius

    Importance of patient/inmate education

    While I strongly agree with the latter part of that statement, I find the first part to be a dangerous generalization. For your own safety, and everyone around you, I would refrain from underestimating the I/P population in that manner.
  3. Phyxius

    LVN to being working in corrections...need help!

    First off, congratulations on finding employment during these challenging times =) What questions do you have?
  4. http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2011/07/14/nurse-folsom-prison-attack-not-a-surprise/ Horrible.
  5. Phyxius

    Opening capsules

    lol must be nice... Oftentimes the nurses at my facility are kind of left to fend for themselves while the officer's chit-chat in a nearby office. There is this huge "Us Vs. Them" mentality between the nurses and correctional staff, it's rather perplexing.
  6. Phyxius

    Male nurse in corrections

    Guy here, never have problems with the inmates other than drug seeking behavior of some. Professionalism and assertiveness work wonders.
  7. Phyxius

    Need advice about Job Situation

    Every second away from the ocean is painful. Tough choice ^^
  8. Phyxius

    Male nurses and SANE

    Thank you so much for this. Really.
  9. Phyxius

    Average Time After Application

    Reading this thread https://allnurses.com/correctional-nursing/common-correctional-nursing-438445.html helped greatly =) Good Luck!
  10. Phyxius

    Average Time After Application

    I just had my interview a couple days ago, thanks for asking! I feel it went well although it could have been better. I'm a new grad so definitely stumbled over my words when they asked about what experience I would bring... but I feel the rest of the interview went well and I was able to provide correct and well thought out answers to their little quiz they do (at least, in my own opinion.) Now, it's just a waiting game =)
  11. Phyxius

    Average Time After Application

    I didn't receive any calls but rather employment notices about two weeks later requesting I submit a std678 employment form... and then about a week after that I received an interview notice letter. Best of luck!
  12. Phyxius

    Common Correctional Nursing Interview Questions

    While this is an older thread, thanks just the same for all the info! I'm sure it still bears some, if not much, relevance =D
  13. Phyxius

    interview references

    Would you mind sharing your hiring and interview experience kneal? There are many of us looking for some hints or guidance =)
  14. Phyxius

    HELP!!! LVN Interview CA Prison

    Well I received employment bulletins from several state prisons and sent them all back around the 28th of January ... just received an interview notice yesterday for one of them. So took about a week turnaround.