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  1. lvaliav

    West Coast University Post Masters FNP

    Hi Everyone! I had my FNP interview last Friday. I was wondering how long does it take to hear from them?
  2. lvaliav

    Plagiarism - Do You Copy That?

    with that 1k i would have did my own work then after getting my well deserved "A", went on a vacation to celebrate. that is really pathetic...
  3. lvaliav

    Wscn generic program !

    u are awesome! it helped alot! thanks yea i wasnt sure about chamberlain accreditation? I mean i know their school is based off the st. louis campus formerly known as Deaconess but I just assumed they were. Thank so much for a fast and a well informed reply. =)
  4. lvaliav

    Wscn generic program !

    hey kitcat, I am looking into this school and i was wondering (if you dont mind me asking) what was your gpa? Do you know why you choose this school? Etc etc.. feel free to message me as well. Thank you =)
  5. Hey everyone! I am looking into wscon and you know I have heard bad things in the past about this school, but I mean there are alway people who complain. THe thing is why have you guys chosen west sub? According to their school website, their NCLEX pass rate for 2009 was 97% which is above amazing! SO i mean i can see they are improving which makes me happy. If you have visited the school, how was it? Any information regarding this school would be highly appreciated. =)
  6. lvaliav

    Lakeview College of nursing

    Can you tell me what you liked about this school or why you choose it? I am looking into programs and would like to get various ideas. Thanks in advance! =)
  7. good explanation! =)
  8. lvaliav

    West Suburban College of Nursing

    wow congratss nurse! =) and that is good to hear that the school is doing better!
  9. lvaliav

    West Suburban College of Nursing

    just out of curiousity, why did you choose west suburban? I was looking into that school and was wondering if the school is doing better? Alot of people were complaining about it saying its not organized and etc. Any input would be nice thanks.... And congrats on getting into the other programs! I am sure you will get into WSCN if you got into the other ones! Thats awesome =)
  10. lvaliav

    Passed with 92% on ATI

    hey Congratulations! That is great news! I have to soon take my exit exam and i need to get a 90% or higher! What exactly do you recommend, like books, etc? NCLEX books to be specific... Saunders? Kaplan? whatever else is out there? Any bit of advice would be greatly appreciated. Again CONGRATSSSS! =)
  11. lvaliav

    Do I have a chance at UIC's Graduate Entry Program?

    heck yea u have a shot!
  12. lvaliav

    Do you think I can become a nurse?

    If you want to be a nurse, then you will do it. Like everyone else has said, it is your life, your career and your decision. What are the reasons that your family and friends think your decision for nursing is not right? It is good to have support but in the end, you dont want to listen to opinions of others and base your decision on that only to find yourself regretting it years later. Shadow a nurse or start volunteering at a hospital to get the idea and feel for the environment. Nursing is a great choice because you can work almost anywhere and there is so much room for growth. Although I am still pretty young, I could have saved myself a year or two of money if I just didnt listen to family influence. I was set on becoming a doctor, then changed to pharmacy, now I am sticking to nursing which I had originally thought of pursueing but of course parents and family had alot to do with why it took me so long to get where I am. So what you shoud do is put aside everyone else's opinions and focus on yours. They will eventually come around... =) Good luck and enjoy your senior year of hs!
  13. lvaliav

    "I'm just a student nurse!"

    hmm.. i totally understand what you mean and really curious as to know other people's opinions... anyone????
  14. lvaliav

    Need Advice about being independent!

    I totally understand. I just got a job and had my first orientation. I have two more days of orientation then I go solo. I am so scared. I have been assisting my orienting cna but I dont know if I am able to do this by myself. Everyone has been telling me to just stick with it, give it more days and it will get easier as I will get used to it. It is just tiring and I don't want to mess up. AHHH I feel so lost at times...
  15. lvaliav

    first year nursing students

    Even if you wanted to eventually become a NP, you could get your RN in two years then work, and maybe your work place will pay for your BSN or you can go straight RN-MSN. I hear that in RN programs you get more direct patient contact. So it is really up to you, what seems to work better in terms of where you are now, mentally and financially. Some places, BSN's only get a dollar more than RN, most places they are getting the same pay. You really have to sit down and thinkg what your ultimate goal is and work according to that. Good luck! And congrats on nursing school!

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