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  1. lvaliav

    Lakeview College of Nursing Fall 2011

    Yeah I found out last night. I am excited. I am going to be in danville campus as well. Big change since I am coming from north of IL (suburbian). Whatever it is I hope to make the best of it. =) Congrats to you both!
  2. lvaliav

    med passer a good job for student nurse?

    Yes, I think that you would benefit greatly from it. I am currently a nurse at an assisted living facility and we are so greatful for med passers. You will definately pick up some skills for when you become a nurse. GO FOR IT! =)
  3. Anyone applying for Fall 2011? If so has anyone heard back yet? If not- good luck to everyone!
  4. ...... and learn it and understand it.....oh and remember it and apply it!
  5. lvaliav

    Lakeview College of nursing

    Thanks that info has been so helpful. Do you know about how we can obtain any scholarships. Is it after the first semester and we have a great gpa that we can qualify for one of those scholarships. I think the hospital right by the school Provena has a student scholarship thing as well. Do you live in an apartment? Is it pricy? THank you so much in advance. I really appreciate your honesty and info!
  6. lvaliav

    Lakeview College of nursing

    Hi Katie, How do you like Lakeview? How is the life living there and the teachers and just everything in general?? =)
  7. lvaliav

    Nurses don't save lives....WHAT?

    i can undestand this! My dad always jokes around when he sees me and pretends he is holing a tray or bedpan. I just laugh because its such an uneducated joke. I laugh also because a nurse was the one that saved his life and got him to the OR when he was having a cardiac tamponade. Yes we nurses do it all! =)
  8. lvaliav

    Quick question about Assisted Living

    student4lyf_lpn you truly are a precious human being! i give you a standing ovation
  9. lvaliav

    Salary for Wellness Director

    what do wellness nurses do specifically in LTC? I am confused, what is their day like on the job and what are their responsibilities. I guess the wellness part is making me curious. Please respond to my questions! thank you in advance
  10. lvaliav

    Nursing agencies anyone?

    Hello everyone! First off Happy New Year to everyone! I hope this year will bring much blessings and happiness to you all. This year one of my resolutions is to get a job no matter what the situation. I graduated from an LPN program in July '10 and took my nclex in September and passed! Now the second hard part is finding a job. I have been having interviews but no call back afterwards =(. I am a new grad and have not worked before in the healthfield. Although I have volunteered at many places Hospitals, Rehabilitations, etc. I start a BSN program in the Fall '11 and I am now thinking that if I were to get a job say at a hospital or wherever, that I would only be able to work for like six or seven months before I move for my school. So I am thinking about agency. Question is does anyone know of any good nursing agency who care about their employees and are good. I want a job for many reasons, to put to use my LPN license, get started in the field to help me exel in my future careers and earn some money because my loan people are on my tail. . Any advise would be grealy appreciate and I thank you all in advance. Take care.
  11. lvaliav

    Just took nclex pn and finished with 205 questions!

    I studied lab values from one book because i did not want to study from a lot of different books and confuse me more. I used the saunders and made my own chart to memorize the most important ones i thought.
  12. Hey Neats, I was just wondering is it easier the admission easier for one campus than other for Lakeview? Is it easier to get into charleston campus rather than danville or does it not matter? And once we are in, can we switch campuses? Thanks
  13. lvaliav

    Marian College Accelerated BSN

    Hi do you guys mind sharing what you gpa was and etc to gain admission. thank you in advance.
  14. lvaliav

    Community Health at UIUC or Nursing at Lakeview?

    @ TheChair1. If it is no problem for you, I am in the process of applying to Lakeview and I was wondering what your gpa and bla bla stats were. I just want to know if I have a chance? Thank you.
  15. lvaliav

    Resurrection University/WSCN Commuters

    its really not in the city... the classes are at oakpark im assuming which is a suburb.. Maybe for only clinicals there will be some in the city but you could just carpool