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  1. hi r u taking classes at isp?
  2. Integrated Science Program in Whittier Ca

    hi ruby do u have email where i can ask you few questions
  3. Integrated Science Program in Whittier Ca

    whats your facebook
  4. Integrated Science Program in Whittier Ca

    hi ca i get your email i just need to ask questions regarding ISP thanks
  5. Indiana State University

    hi r u still taking classes at ISU?
  6. Shepherd University in Los Angeles?

    who has this kinda money to pay in full???? without financial aid will be hard for students like me
  7. West Coast University students... help!

    where u taking your class at? im planning to go on June this year at North Hollywood campus. How's the program?
  8. TEAS 4.0 on computer - can go back?

    what did u use to study for teas 4.0
  9. Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I took mine yesterday 2nd attempt. At 1st attempt on oct 2010 i got cc page and got the result in two weeks saying I didnt pass. My 2nd attempt yesterday, did a pvt trick and gave me good pop up. Hopefully I passed. Hopefully pvt trick hasnt changed ...
  10. Exam Cram helped me pass PN NCLEX

    Sorry I meant similar questions. I guess I will get priorirization, delegation, isolation again. I gotta pass 2nd try because on April 2011 the nclex will get harder.
  11. I'm still hopeful...

    What to expect on 2nd try of nclex-pn?
  12. Exam Cram helped me pass PN NCLEX

    hi, can you tell me on your 2nd and third try, was your exams are almost same questions you had the first time. di you get prioritization, delegation and isolation? i am going to take my 2nd try next month. Can you help?
  13. nclex-pn review

    can i borrow your notes?
  14. Exam Cram helped me pass PN NCLEX

    hey next month is my 2nd attempt. any advice besides studying prioritization, isolation, safety. ??? i wanna pass it this time. thank you
  15. Failed NCLEX-PN for the 2nd time, please help!!!

    im taking my exam next month for 2nd time. any more advice. I really need to pass this time ;(