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  1. Hope2017

    Fill In The Blank...

    What, you still do not have the non-skid socks that fit my big foot! Are those sock made in China?
  2. Hope2017

    Going back to school at 30

    Let me add on this this, the older student l me, this could be our second career and their taking it more serious.
  3. Hope2017

    how to bounce back after failing nclex:

    After so many years am back to this site again. Yes I was able to bounce back after having break from reading my review books and answering questions I passed my LPN Nclex and been working for several years now. I decided to go back to school 2 ago and in the RN nursing program now. my first year I withdraw because did not pass my calculation test they required you to get 90% and i did not. Now am failing because I can not cope up with the volume of works we got to do in class. I need to learn how to bounce back again.
  4. Hope2017

    Going back to school at 30

    Failure will always be there so as winning or being successful. Your fear is probably not getting the return from your money and time you will be investing in school. I am afraid of failing myself. You will be able to know if you will like nursing after you've taking the pre requirement subjects like anatomy, microbiology and chemistry, unless you excel in them. not me its a struggle. I have taking the those subjects and passed it, now am in nursing, our instructor is making the subject difficult for us to learn specially me am petty much the oldest in the class. At this point I would say, failure is just around the corner and am afraid to face it but I have too. they are other health care career you might be interesting to you. Good luck.
  5. Hope2017


    check with your student 's affair and check on your school policy on withdrawal. You may have reasons for doing so. your dreams are not shattered, probably take time to think on what your career direction be. When I read your post I smiled, caused at this time, My RN dreams was shattered, I withdraw once, and returned, I been working hard in my nursing class but cannot cope with the requirements, my grade is now F and my instructor wants me to withdraw in her class now. that is a shattered dreams. just sharing. Good luck you and God Bless.
  6. Hope2017

    Day 3: 2016 Nurses Week Meme Contest

    Yes, the power of nurse never fail. It was done with lots care, and saved life.
  7. Hope2017

    Day 2: 2016 Nurses Week Fill In The Blank Contest

    When a patient pushes their call button, I hope I don't find them on the floor hurting
  8. Hope2017

    Day 1: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

    Littman Classic III Stethoscope thru you, we nurses can hear the first heart beat in new born and confirmed diminished heart beat of our departing patient.
  9. Would you give insulin to pt with BG 74. Pt order is 6 units for BG >140.
  10. Good luck to you. if you plan working in a hospital consider RN... in my area... hospital dont hire LPN..
  11. Hope2017

    How can a Canadian LPN get an American work visa?

    getting an LPN job in the US is not that easy. probably if your an RN with experience... it would work for you. Good luck then.
  12. Hope2017

    MVCTC in Clayton

    I feel nervous too at the start of my LPN class... as i learn and study I gradually develop confidence... I think is part of the learning process. Good luck to your new career.
  13. Hope2017

    frustrated new grad lpn in il with no job

    Hi.. passed my nclex 5 months ago and up to now I still have no job. Yes I posted in the internet posting, walk in and apply to the diffrent LTC and Assisted Living... and still have not received ang single response. Am a STNA but my license lapse coz my previous employer where I work PRN did not renew it. its really bad. am trying to apply in homehealth.... as an LPN they will require 1 year experience. as a home health aid? I dont know what is the requirement and qualification am despirate to find a job. Going to nursing school is my future plan but having some money now... is immediate.
  14. Your not the only one who cannot fine a job. I got my nclex Nov last year, pass application to different LTC and not one called me. When i followed up, one said they needed lpn with one year experience only... too bad. hoping to find one soon.
  15. Hope2017

    Need help FAILED Nclex 4 times

    i failed too taking my nclex pn the first time. i feel so depressed but i did not give up. i made a simple study plan. I checked this webside most of the time and read success stories.. that motivates me alot. passed it last Oct 2010.. Thanks to allnurses...