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I have to wait a whole extra school year before I'll be able to start the nursing program at my community college. I will have all of my pre reqs finished before the start of the next cohort, but I missed the deadline on having my first anatomy class finished so I wasn't able to apply. I have a 4.0, I have all of my supplemental classes finished for the associates transfer degree, after summer term I'll be done with everything!

I'll have a full year of sitting around.

sometimes I'll google search for profit nursing schools and day dream about starting like, next month. I've also looked into moving to attend WGUs prelicensure program.

I know that the time will pass anyway, but I'm a single mom and I hate being poor! I'm saving all of my extra income so that I won't have to work during nursing school.

I know impatience seems to be a common trend on this thread. 😂

Logically, I know I am being ridiculous.

Suggestions on how I should spend the time? Words of wisdom? Reassurance? A kick in the pants? I'll take whatever you've got 😂

The same thing happened to me - Originally I was delayed by a semester because I had completed one of my pre-requisite science classes right after the deadline... I decided to hang around and do another semester of classes that would count toward my BSN, and to give me one more semester to -really- think on if this was the path I wanted to take. I aced the 5 classes I took and was more adamant than ever to continue with a BSN instead of an associates. I started the transfer process, but everything hing4ed on getting my final transcript together on time after classes finished.

My community college isn't known for its swiftness, and final grades were released the week of Christmas. I sent off the final transcript that very day, but I was called 3 days later to say that they'd received it, but it was too late... I'd be held back another semester.

I was annoyed and heartbroken - A few of my friends were already either in a nursing program or would be starting one this spring, and I was left in the dust. I couldn't understand why roadblocks kept coming up for me regardless of how ontop of things I was.

I allowed myself to have a pity-day: I went to Fresh Market, got a massive slice of carrot cake, a bottle of wine, and some meringue cookies. I watched bad movies and did fun things while I took my mind off my disappointment.

Two days later, my college campus offices were open again; I knew I couldn't sit around doing nothing, so I called my boss up and set a work schedule for the spring (I'm a tutor on campus), then set about enrolling in two more classes - the only two I could take at that college as everything else was either specific to my next college or a nursing class.

Now I'm set to start classes at the new college this coming Thursday and I couldn't be happier - with all luck, I'll be starting the nursing program in the fall... A whole year later than planned.

Now that I've rambled, here's my advice to you:

  • Do something fun
  • Figure out if there's any classes you can take that might go toward a bachelors degree if you plan to get one in the future. (This might not apply if you've gotten everything out of the way already)
  • Give yourself time to be sad and deal with the disappointment, but find ways to channel that energy into something constructive.
  • Keep reviewing everything you've learned so far from classes, especially A&P

The disappointment sucks for sure, but don't sweat it. Our struggles now will make the prize at the end that much sweeter!

Take advantage of being able to work and save your money. Nursing school is expensive even when you going to an affordable school. I don't work and I have bills...those basic necessities for school hit me hard (uniforms, books, supplies, cpr, background check)

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Work and save money!!! Study pharmacology on your own. There are many online things you can do to prepare for nursing school. Good luck and welcome to the nursing world.

Work and save money!!! Study pharmacology on your own. There are many online things you can do to prepare for nursing school. Good luck and welcome to the nursing world.

I never thought to study pharmacology on my own! Is there a good site or recommended book for this?

I never thought to study pharmacology on my own! Is there a good site or recommended book for this?

Nursing Pharmacology made incredibly easy! :) The series of books by Lippincott etc is so rad :D

Oh! and there's a PharmD on site who has posted his dosage calculations book for free: https://allnurses.com/pre-nursing-student/master-your-drug-1148937.html

The guy is a total saint, and his book is awesome~

Hang in there! I'm not in the exact same situation but family issues interfered with my plans last semester and it was a bummer. A semester or two passing makes you feel like wasted time. Using your time wisely, like the other commenters said, is great advice. I'm going to take that advice too and try to hang in there also. And save some money!

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Hang in there. Is there a chance you could take something like medical terminology at your community college? Or better yet, is there an EMT or CNA-type course you could take while you wait?

Former classmate of mine got certified as an EMT-B during nursing school (not sure how) but jumped right into an ER job because she had extra skills.

Good luck!

I am in the same position as you! Timing didn't work out right and I was basically forced to take a year off. (I'm about half way through that year). I chose to attend a 6 week CNA course and am now working full-time at a hospital. I have learned sooooo much about nursing and about medicine in general. Not to mention I now have connections for possible future employment! In my opinion, if you have the time/finances to get a CNA license it would be very beneficial. I work 3 12 hour shifts a week which leaves plenty of time to accomplish other tasks, too.

I would use the time to work and add to your savings, start studying for nursing school, and perhaps if you have any spare time volunteer at a local care-home and/or hospital to gain some hands-on clinical experience.

As frustrating as this is, consider it merely a speed bump on YOUR Nursing Journey!

Here are my suggestions:

1. If you do not currently work in Healthcare, find a job in a Healthcare organization. Tuition reimbursement is a GRAD Thing

2. Brush up on your writing, math, and research skills. You need all of those for school anyway

3. Spend as much "fun" time with your child/children as you can now. Your time will be quite a bit more limited once in Nursing School

4. Complete all the tasks that you have been putting off (i.e. cleaning out closets, painting the bedroom)

5. Stay positive! I find that most things happen for a reason. Instead of thinking of this time a hindrance, think of it as a gift!

Oh and by the way, you ARE a Rockstar! 4.0. You should be doing a Happy Dance!

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The bad thing is if you give in and go to one of those pricey for profits, sure you'll be a nurse sooner, but you'll still be poor trying to pay back the cost of your education. Try to hang in there.

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