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  1. Renegotiating salary

    Take it as a learning experience, always ask for more..it will always be a yes or no.
  2. First two semester for me was a breeze, by the third semester I had a slight meltdown. However, I believe it was clinical (peds/psych) that was taxing on me which then trickle over into my academics. Maturity levels, emotional stability, finances, li...
  3. Prepping for nursing school

    I've worked at an primary care/urgent care facility as a receptionist . You get to see a variety of issues and its a great opportunity to start learning about meds and what other specialities do... for ex cardiologist/radiologist/endocrinologist/ob ...
  4. Fundamentals Nursing Outlines?

    Oddly enough, I found the Saunders nclex to be a great overview of my fundamentals class. It surpasses all the fluff and gets straight to the point!
  5. Take statistics in RN program or wait?

    Personally I would not take it with a 12 credit nursing course, adjusting to nursing can be rough. Can you take it over the winter? I took stats in the winter and earned an A, seeing it everyday for 3-4 weeks made it doable.
  6. RN

    Ive been told before that in order to be a flight nurse, you also have to be an emt. Im not sure how true this is, I live in Maryland. Every state may have different requirements.
  7. Retaking courses...? PLEASE say it ain't so

    Agree with the above poster, take those classes over. Most school heavily weigh science g.p.a's and those need to be at least on the minimum requirement and lots of schools may have a requirement but their applicants may be in the 3.5 range so it le...
  8. Working during nursing school

    Im currently in an accelerated adn program, 14 months. There are still some folks who work in my program. However, I chose to live off my savings, credit cards, a little bit of scholarships, and I take out federal unsubsidized and subsidized loans. I...
  9. Gen, Org, Bio Chem Difficulty

    I only took General chemistry for pre nursing, I absolutely loved it but I had an amazing professor who encourage us and was very informative. If you have a good foundation, everything is attainable once you put the work in.My boyfriend is a pharm d ...
  10. Pregnancy/Newborn during nursing school

    Possible morning sickness, cramps, not wanting to get up for class/clinicals, being pregnant while doing strenuous work at clinicals, having a new born baby with random sleep patterns while trying to study doesn't seem like a great idea to me. Howeve...
  11. How long does it take to get ADN including prerequisites, on average?

    it will be 3 years in total for me, however I did get into an 14 month accelerated adn program. On average for most is about 4 years.
  12. How much does a new RN make?

    I know income is important but nursing is such a selfless career, make sure its something you really want to do.
  13. Student in first Clinicals - Geriatrics

    I'm in my first semester of nursing school, I'm wrapping up as we speak. I worked with geriatrics at a skilled facility, it was mostly bedbaths, vitals, enteral feeedings,head to toe assessment, changing adult diapers, inputs and output. I also got t...
  14. Too old for nursing school?

    Im in my first semester of school and there is a massage therapist in my class that is 56 years old, she's in better shape than me lol (30 y.o).
  15. New Grad Freakout

    I've personally never heard of a cna having a heard time finding a job. Don't be scared, most nurses have no experience as a new grad, its quite normal. Finding a job has more to do with the job market in your area and your ability to sell yourself b...