JUST GOT HOME ALL 265 questions OMG!!!


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Ok I just walked in the door and signed on to my favorite website ALLNURSES, after I cried all the way home while talking to my husband on the phone. My exam was at 8am when I got there another girl from my graduating class was also signing in. WELL, her test shut off at 75 SO when I hit NEXT after my 75th question I was waiting.....I went all the way to 265, with my anxiety through the roof, I took 2 breaks. I had a TON of med questions that I had NO CLUE, 15 or so SATA, fill in the blank med calculations...diseases that I have NEVER heard of....NOW i know some people that get 265 DO PASS what is the PERCENTAGE OF THOSE 265er's....I am riddled with anxiety, fear, embarassment, hopelessness......I just keep praying to god that I passed. Everyone is calling my phone and texting me asking me how it went....I am turning it off and am going to keep checking my responses from this post. Thank you all for your support!!! Time is ticking until I can check my QUICKRESULTS!!!!:crying2::banghead:


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Hi Momofthree,

Good luck. I don't think there is a percentage of how many people pass or fail at any number. I took my test today also but my test cut off at 85 questions and I feel like I failed. People both pass and fail at 75/85 and 205/265.


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I know people say you can still pass at 265 BUT you know when you just "feel" like it wasn't right? I am sure you passed at 85, like everyone is telling me RELAX and try not to think about it!! YEAH RIGHT!!!! Let me know how you did, I will be praying for you!!! :sstrs:

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Believeme when I say I know how hard it is not to think about it but try not to, catch up on stuff, get out of the house what ever. Stressing over the exam is not going to change your results. Hang in there and let us know how you did. You have a 85% chance on passing at max the same as someone on min

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I also took the nclex today with 265 questions. At least you cried, I am to numb to even let out whimper. I will keep you in constant prayer and do the same for me.:wink2:


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You got it, prayers for everyone....my mind is all over the place....I have checked the quickresults twice so far HOPING maybe the results are in.....I swear to god I am showing all the signs and symptoms of OCD.....:smackingf

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I was at your shoes when I took my test last July 18..Got 265 also,

feel so devastated and felt like i failed..but surprsingly I PASSED!

just keep on praying and You will Make it.


this site really helped me all along because of reading successfull stories like i do hae now..



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I know exactly how you feel. I took it on Wed, the 6th, and I had 230+ questions. I KNEW for sure I failed...but this morning I found out I passed! So don't get down on yourself, I know all about that too. I practiced in the mirror a dozen or more times how I was going to break the news to my boyfriend, co-workers, and family. I even applied for another job because I was sure I'd ruined any chance at my current position by failing. And the place I applied called today so now I have to figure out what to tell them! I know that most people on this site seem to get 75 questions or something close to that and it's intimidating to get more. But let me tell you that it IS possible to pass with more!! Let us all know how it goes! Take care.



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I took the NCLEX-PN test on July 29, 2008. I had all 205 questions and I stilled passed! So don't panic! I'm sure you passed! Good Luck! Let us know how you made out!:yeah:


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I took mine on Aug 6th. After 24 years of being an LPN I felt as though I failed because I had all 265. I kept thinking that experience was taking over and not what I was taught in RN school. Meds I never heard of, lots of Med-Surg and Psych and about 15 SATA. I got my results in less than 12 hours of completeing and found out I passed. Hang in there.

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if it makes you feel better, someone took it just this month and failed with 75 questions.

The fact that you had 265 doesn't mean you are going to fail. I know people who've had the 265 and passed. Word out on the street is that a percentage of all students will answer all 265 questions. Now, while each of us pray it isn't us, we never know.

You might be nervous now and that's understandable. Try not to stress too much now. I'll keep you in my prayers and the rest is up to God. Think positive and tell yourself "i'm going to pass" and you will pass.


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my thoughts are with you right now!!! once the test is over we still have the stress to deal with. i am praying for you for sure... i take my test on the 12th so you know the stress i have now and i hate to say im not looking forward to the stress your are dealing with. did you take any review classes?

if you need anything please let me know!!!!

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