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    LPNs Salary Poll. I might use this for new job. HELP?

    job title: lpn - state and/or city/state: ct years in nursing: 3 months rehab 15 patients salary $: if you don't want to be specific, please give a range. $26.17/hr

    Any Connecticut Lpns Out There?

    Hi I am a LPN, I graduated in June and passed my nclex in August. I didn't find a job until September. The job that I have is farther then I want to travel but it's a job and I do like it. Keep looking and putting in applications and something will come through. What part of CT do you live in?

    if i get my lpn license in new york can i work in ct?

    I pretty sure that they way that it works is you can take the Nclex in any state but you will be licensed in the state of your nursing program.

    First year pay

    I'm a new grad LPN, I get paid $25.17/hr plus an extra $1.00 weekend diff. with full benefits. I live in CT and the cost of living is pretty high.
  5. Hi, I passed NCLEX-PN in August and I used Saunders to study,. I would do 100 questions from the cd per day and I think it really helped. Good Luck.
  6. St Vincent's does have a part time evening program. This is from there website "Students may enroll for less than 12 credits a semester, and complete the required curriculum on a part-time basis. Taking nursing courses on a part-time basis usually requires three (3) years for completion. Faculty advisors will assist students in planning their course schedules in order to complete the program within five (5) years. Courses taught during evening hours will also include weekend days." Hope this helps. Erika

    Hourly rate for RN's, LPN's, CNA's in Your State

    LPN's in CT, per diem $27.00/hr. shift diff 3-11 $1.25 and shift diff 11-7 $2.50. Hourly rates with benefits range from $21-$28/hr

    Acceptance or not from LPN Tech school

    Congratulations:balloons: I bought most of my books through amazon.com.

    Nervous About First Job

    No you are not alone, I feel the same way and I know others also feel this way. There is no way that we can learn everything that we need to in school, most of our learning will come on the job. You made it through school, that was hard part, now go and become the great nurse that you know you can be.

    It's finally over

    Thanks, I actually meant the wait for the result is finally over but I do know what you mean about nursing being a continuous learning experience.

    It's finally over

    After the longest weekend ever, I finally got my results and I passed NCLEX PN. I can't wait to find a job and start my dream.

    I failed at 265 I am NUMB

    I'm so sorry. :heartbeat Keep your head up and know that this is only a bump in the road. You will pass the next time. Erika

    After no sleep I Passed!


    CT Technical LPN/Financial Aid

    Hi, I graduated from Bullard Havens in June and I wasn't approved for maximum financial aid but I did receive some financial aid. We weren't initially told how much we were approved for but once we were told, the balance had to be paid a.s.a.p. There was a girl that didn't receive any financial aid and she didn't have the money to pay so the dismissed her from the program. I don't understand why if you got the maximum financial aid you would have to pay anything. Have you gotten anything in writing stating that you were approved?

    JUST GOT HOME ALL 265 questions OMG!!!

    Hi Momofthree, Good luck. I don't think there is a percentage of how many people pass or fail at any number. I took my test today also but my test cut off at 85 questions and I feel like I failed. People both pass and fail at 75/85 and 205/265.