just got back frm nclex exam


i got mostly priority questions and infection control ,no math and it stopped at 75 pls i need your prayers

suzanne4, RN

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Best of luck to you.

Those are actually the type of questions that you want to see on your exam, not math questions.

Please keep us posted when you get your results.


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I will keep my fingers cross for you, good luck


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I will remember you in my prayers, winny. I am sure you did great! God Bless.


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I'm praying for you winny103...((((((positive vibes)))))))) to you...


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I took my boards on 12/5 had all 265 no math, had infection control priority and a lot of pharm please keep me in your prayers.


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Good luck winny. I'll say a prayer for you.innocent0003.gif


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pls pray for me my heart is pounding i am praying that i ass .i do not want to disappoint my family.oh lord pls let it be good news

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