June 9th NCLEX RN- words of encouragement, pretty please


Hello :)

I am taking my NCLEX RN tomorrow at 2pm and I would love some words of encouragement, if anyone has any. I have been studying, praying, meditating, and trying to stay calm all week, and it really is hitting me today. I know I can do this.

Please help me retain my sanity through tomorrow afternoon so I can kick butt on this test!!! :nurse:

Thanks!! :redpinkhe


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First of all, good luck! Stay positive and know that you know the material. Dont let stress get the best of you if it arises. I feel that is the number one thing that causes people to fail the NCLEX. If it happens, take some deep breaths and relax!!!!!

Next, eat some breakfast/lunch, and so on. BIG THING.... Take your time and DONT RUSH!!!! Dont worry about how fast to finish. Another reason I think people fail!

So, stay calm, be positive, eat some food, dont rush, and dont worry!

Good Luck!


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May God bless us is all I can say at this point....I take mine tomorrow as well @ 11am, oh so nervous! As long as we have done our part in studying and reviewing and PRAYING, there's no way that if you have asked this of God, he won't deliver.....and that's what I believe. I'm sure we will do just fine and along with everyone else taking it here pretty soon. :yeah:


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Good luck to you all! Positive thoughts and lots of prayers to everyone!

I take mine Saturday at 12 noon and my nerves are acting up too. I'm turning my cell phone off Friday evening and won't turn it on until after the exam. No FB, no YM, no Skype.

I will light a candle for all of us NCLEX takers as soon I log out.


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Thank you all sooo much for the words, thoughts, and prayers. I know we all can do this. Best of luck to all of us taking the exam this week. Prayers will be said for all of us. Thanks for everything. :)


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I am taking my nclex-rn tomorrow at 8 am,please wish me luck.


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Good luck to all...:)


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Good luck!! I am signing off now and I will be back after it's all over. We can do it!! :)


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Kick ass! Those are the only 2 words you need. You've done the hard part:)


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Good Luck!!! I took NclexRN yesterday. I got the good pop up!! You will do good!! I'm waiting on my results. Just breath and pray. If you confess it, believe it, you will recieve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO GET WHAT BELONGS TO YOU!!


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Finished exam in 1 hour, 75 questions, just got the good pop-up!! Thank you all!! :) :) :) :) RN hopefully :) :) :) :)