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Med Surg, Ortho, Acute Care Rehab
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Spydered specializes in Med Surg, Ortho, Acute Care Rehab.

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  1. Spydered

    Where's the best place for L&D in Northern VA?

    Spotsylvania Regional Hospital and Mary Washington are desperately looking for L&D nurses. Mary Washington even has several PRN Plus positions for experienced L&D nurses that pays $40 + Diff...Check out their site...Good Luck..:)
  2. Thank you for the nice gesture..I'm sure this is appreciated by a lot considering the hiring freezes in other states...:)
  3. Spydered

    1st week down

    Congratulations and it's nice to hear that things are working great for you. I'm sure your personality and eagerness played a big part in the smooth transition...:)
  4. Spydered

    Bummed....New RN no job :(

    Congratulations on getting a job...:)
  5. Spydered


    Good luck and get some rest...:)
  6. Spydered

    First Day On The Job!

    Congrats on your first day...I'm still looking for that first RN job...Good luck...:)
  7. Spydered

    INOVA nurse recruiter (need contact info)

    Why don't you check out Prince William Hospital or Spotsylvania Regional Hospital...These are not the closest but still doable...:) Good Luck...
  8. Spydered

    Where do you find new grad nursing jobs in VA?????

    Hi there 2bTrauma...Congratulations on the job...What unit are you in? and what unit would you recomend for a new male RN in WMC? A this point I, would take anything and would even drive 2 hours one way from Fredericksburg to WMC just to get experience. I also saw that they check your credit, drug test (naturally of course) and do physical testing. How was the interview process and all the other stuff? Any info would really be appreciated...Thanks...:) Spydered
  9. Spydered

    New Grad, not yet licensed with interview. HELP!

  10. Spydered

    Will I get a call saying I didn't get the job?

    Congrats on getting the job...:)
  11. Spydered

    Hooray! He Finally Gets It!

    I hope he gets better soon...:)
  12. Spydered

    Pearsonvue trick - poll once you receive your results

    Definitely worked for me...:) Took my test (stopped at 75) and one hour later it gave me the good pop up. The next day after my boards, my license # was on the BON....Can't stop smilling now...Thank God....:)
  13. Spydered

    Any Hotspot Questions On Your Test??

    Nope, no hot spots on my test...:)
  14. Spydered

    NCLEX Tomorrow! WHAT To do today?!

    Thanks Lizzy, He truly is merciful...Took mine today and got the good pop up...
  15. Spydered

    UPDATE, PVT Does WORK!;)

    Congrats RN...:)
  16. Spydered

    Rate NCLEX-RN review books

    I would definitely recommend LaCharity after hearing great reviews from the good folks here, and let me tell you that I'm glad that I did...About 40% of my question were prioritization and delegation...I also used exam cram, saunders and NCLEX-RN 10,000 which was provided to our class for free as a beta program...Good luck on your studying...:)

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