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Johns Hopkins 2015 ABSN & Masters Entry

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I turned down my spot for the ABSN program, so hopefully this would help others who are still waiting to get in.

All the best!

I heard back from the waitlist, last week, but turned down my spot.

I just found out I was pulled off the waitlist for the Master Entry Program today!

I graduated from Hopkins in December 2013 and worked in the the admissions office so if anyone has any questions please let me know I can try my best to help! I cannot speak for the Direct entry masters but I can speak to the ABSN part. Also @spaceshuttleboy I live in Rochester and work as a nurse at the U of R! Small world :)


I am applying to JHU SON for summer 2016. I spoke with admissions and they gave me a vague yet encouraging reply when I inquired about the competitiveness and likelihood of acceptance into the program. I was told they have a 40% acceptance rate and the average GPA is 3.4. That seems awfully low for such an amazing school.

Any insight you can provide as to what to emphasis and showcase in the application? Also what was the demographic of your cohort? would you agree with the 3.4 GPA?

Any wisdom is much appreciated! Thank you!

Hey, I'm sorry i'm not the one you were looking for info from, but I was under the impression that the ABSN was being discontinued. Is that true?

Yes, this summer is the last cohort of ABSN students

It has been replaced with the Masters entry into Nursing and most schools will follow this path within the next few years!

This coming summer? Sorry, I feel like I'm being dense, but I thought this past summer was the last cohort. If this coming summer is the last, can you just tell me what the application deadline is? I might try for it, maybe.

I'm applying for the Master's Entry program for Fall 2016!! I'm so excited but so scared! Currently studying for the GRE & plan to take last 2 prereqs in the Spring. Any advice on a good GRE score? I have a 3.67 GPA right now & am graduating in December.

Okay, that makes sense! It seemed as though the ABSN no longer existed. I'm applying for the same at UM for Spring 2016, because I really didn't want to take the GREs. Kind of a dumb reason, but also, the JHU program is so expensive! Although I just had a dream last night that I didn't get into UM, so that wasn't fun.

Actually there are! It's a pretty big misconception but direct entry CRNA programs DO exist! Boston University and Columbia University offer them and I'm applying to both!

Columbia has a direct CRNA program for those that do not have a BSN?!? I applied to Columbia too but didn't see this...

those are really high stats.... everyone has really high stats! how's it possible?!!! going to a school cut throat like UCLA, an A is like nearly impossible in the science classes. Chemistry is taken with pre-meds.

It's pretty scary, most nursing schools are so competitive that you need a stellar GPA (as well as the rest of your app) in order to get accepted. I don't know if where you go really matters for most places, but when I spoke with admissions at John Hopkins they said that a 3.5 from UCLA (currently attending too) was sufficient, assuming the rest of your application was decent too. Some places to seem to take a more holistic view than others; from my encounters of speaking with staff both on the phone and personally, it seems that UCLA is much harder to get into than JHU or Columbia. I could be wrong, but that is just the impression I got. I literally feel that I have no shot of getting into UCLA, which sucks because it's my #1 choice.

And yeah, pretty much all your science classes will be taken with pre-meds, but it's not like competition to get into nursing school isn't high as well. I don't expect the rigor of UCLA to be greater than that of the nursing programs..

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