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  1. rockko

    Johns Hopkins 2015 ABSN & Masters Entry

    I really hope so. I got into an CNL program and I'd like to make a decision very soon! Di you guys hear the new about the lawsuit against JH? any thoughts about that? I wonder if is going to affect their funding and/or prestige?
  2. rockko

    Johns Hopkins 2015 ABSN & Masters Entry

    Has anyone heard back from the waitlist?
  3. I haven't seen any. I can't join any fb group yet cause I haven't told my boss I am leaving my work. I have to wait for a bit. Pls let me know if you find or create one!
  4. I decided based on three things: school that is close to where I live now, the type of program that leads me closer to reach my goals, the kind of loans I have access to. I live in SF so USF is ideal. The MSN will allow me to apply sooner to a NP program compared with the ABSN. Finally the MSN will let me get some federal loans, with low interest rate or at least fixed interest rate.
  5. I got a call too and I'm the MSN CNL program!
  6. According to the USNews University, Samuel Merrit is #165 and USF is #129. I think NCLEX CA pass rate is higher for USF too.
  7. rockko

    Samuel Merritt ABSN Summer 2015

    I haven't receive all the material but I went to the orientation for April. One basically receives some money through scholarships and like 17000 from federal loans. Grand total is 112+k so one has to come up with 70K from private loans. I am also worried about this because the interest of the loans varies and it can be very high. At this point I rather go to a masters entry because we have access to stafford loans. Pros and cons are different for everyone because some can have better chance to get private loans with set interest rates.
  8. rockko

    Johns Hopkins 2015 ABSN & Masters Entry

    For the ones on the wait-list: I called and asked what is next! They told me that on April 1st they will start sorting the applications of the ones on the list again. After review them, they will wait and see how many people drops off so they can offer those spots to the ones that have make it to the second round. I've been accepted into another ABSN, but Hopkins is my first choice. Pls, share thoughts and fears.
  9. I keep checking the website and nothing yet. I got into the ABSN at Samuel, but still hesitant about going there since it's almost the same price at the one at SFU. Any piece of advise?
  10. rockko

    Johns Hopkins 2015 ABSN & Masters Entry

    I think the BSN will open the opportunity to become a generalist first so you can get experience in the hospital or community setting. It will be the foundation that would help one to decided which is the specialty you really like. I'd love to chose a different masters from the CNL that is provided in most master entry programs. Having a bsn from Hopkins will also open other doors for future academic and professional opportunities. One of the downturns about getting the BSN happens in the job arena, one has to compete with people who holds an MSN. My only concern about getting into a ABSN program is the reduced financial help. One gets more access to loans when entering a MSN program, but the loans are limited for second bachelors. Personally, I have been very open about the opportunities that are available, since entering into nursing schools is highly competitive.
  11. rockko

    Johns Hopkins 2015 ABSN & Masters Entry

    I got letter that says I'm in the wait list a couple days ago. Since is the last ABSN, they should let everyone in!
  12. rockko

    Johns Hopkins 2015 ABSN & Masters Entry

    I think that is it! My friend and I applied at the same time and she got in, received email on Friday.
  13. Does anyone know when the school usually sends notifications?
  14. I submitted it for spring but then changed it for the summer. Good luck!
  15. rockko

    Applying to UCLA MECN to start Fall 2015?

    Perhaps was the impression I got from the two panels I heard. every single person in the panels went to an UC. It'll be harder for me since I have a foreign degree. I think the SOP has to represent you professionally. It also has to include why you want to be a nurse, clinical and personal experiences that might had lead you to it. I hope this helps.