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Just recently went on a few interviews these past couple weeks and feel elated about my prayers being answered. It's been really hard being unemployed for months and months and not being able to do what you put years and years of work into.

Anyway, I got a few job offers. I never thought I would ever be saying those words. 3 are out of state and aren't currently on the top of the list because I want to stay close to home and family. 2 others are close to home and I am trying to choose which one to go with. Here's the problem... I interviewed with Hospital A and they really liked me and I really liked them, but I didn't hear back from them for 2 weeks. Meanwhile, I went on an interview with Hospital B. Hospital B asked if I had interviewed or planned on interviewing elsewhere and I said yes and that I was receiving quite a few call backs. Hospital B really liked me also and offered me the position 2 days later. Then, Hospital A calls to offer me the job and I tell them I already accepted an offer with Hospital B and I am in the middle of the hiring process but I would love to join them in the future as PD. The job with Hospital B is contingent on a budget approval by administration. I am wondering why I got a job offer if the budget hadn't been ironed out yet. I'm supposed to hear the next couple days whether I really have the job or not... Doesn't that sound a bit off to you? Do you think I got such a quick offer because they knew other hospitals were trying to recruit me? I did also get a congratulations email from my interviewer.

Hospital A called and expressed to me how much they really want me and asked me to give it more thought. I agreed, as I thought they were very kind people, and said I would call them back when I have come to a decision. I didn't want to completely close the door on that offer because Hospital B (who offered me a job quicker) has this 'budget' thing going on that makes me a bit nervous. The last thing I want to do is close these doors of opportunity in either hospital.

Just some extra details:

-Hospital A: smaller hospital, really nice staff, newer facility, pay is good, nice orientation, orientation starts soon

-Hospital B: big name hospital, nice interviewers, pay is better, benefits are better, shorter orientation and starts a few weeks later

-Just about the same patient acuity, pt. load, pt. population that I would work with in both hospitals.

What do I do? I feel like Hospital B is dangling a carrot on a stick, and meanwhile I can't give Hospital A a definite answer yet.

WOW, the job at hospital B is basically non-existent and unstable. what if months down the line, they budgetcut your job away.

I'll say take the job with hospital A, you need stability as a new grad.

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What a great predicament to be in..Congrats!! I agree with Ticky.. Hospital A sounds much more secure and a great environment on which to begin developing yourself.

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Hospital B is not a sure bet. Take hospital A :) At least then you'll know when you start working and getting a paycheck.

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Take the straight offer. Hospital 'B' isn't a set offer.. Hospital 'A' is banging down your door! I'd go with A all the way.

Congratulations!! May I ask in what state hospitals A and B are located?? Cause there sure ain't nothing happening for me here in CA. :-(

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I would totally take the offer at A with no qualms whatsoever.

And congratulations! Five offers at the same time? Wow!

And congratulations! Five offers at the same time? Wow!

Thanks so much for the replies so far.

@ klone: I know! It's super crazy...but this is after months and months of applying, calling recruiters, sending managers my resume, going to job fairs, going to hospitals... I just needed that opportunity to interview, just like so many others.

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I know that being a new grad you are "chomping at the bit" to be out there working with the rest of your fellow grads. I am sorry that times are so rough for you and all of the new grads coming into the workforce these days. I understand that you are new to the workforce, but don't let that keep you from asking important questions of your prospective employers. Just be bold and ask them what you need to know to make this very important decision for yourself. After all, you are going to be working for them for several years time, if things work out. It is for your own benefit to be up front and describe what you need to make ends meet and feel good about working for a particular hospital system. Being forward about what you need will only make you more appealing a candidate from their perspective.

Congratulations!! May I ask in what state hospitals A and B are located?? Cause there sure ain't nothing happening for me here in CA. :-(

Try Central CA lol. There's a hospital there trying to recruit here in NYC. I think they said they were in the Fresno area.

let us know how it turns out! :D

let us know how it turns out! :D

I definitely will! If you asked me even a few weeks ago if I ever thought I would be in this position, I would probably have looked at you like you were crazy. Maybe God is sending them in bunches to make up for the long drought :).

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