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  1. RR910

    Is it possible to become an LNA...

    I to live in NH have i have my LNA;)
  2. hi everyone, wondering if they prepare you how to interact with patients who are recently diagnosed with cancer, or are having an extra hard time? i had a women come into my office and just say like any other thing ''well today i was told i have cancer, how exciting" with a smile but of course she was being sarcastic, but how does everyone out there react to things like that?
  3. RR910

    Patient gender preference

    i don’t think it is at all like a black or white nurse(well maybe for some it is). but i have requested a female nurse because of what i was there for, i get some people are just ridiculous and if they wanted a female over male or the other way around for something simple like a suture, is not right especially if the male or female nurse is very professional, some male that i work with id much rather have over some of the women nurses, but in some cases i can totally see why, sorry but i just wouldn’t feel comfortable even with the most professional male nurse treating me for something like ovarian cysts!
  4. RR910

    Kinda Nervous!

    first off hope you got the job! but only thing that worries is they have a tech inserting & D/C foleys? that doesnt sound right to me? id double check on that one?when i was a tech that was so not allowed and only some could to IVs if they had a EMT-I cert,id check your states laws on what a CNA can and cant do in a hospital setting...
  5. RR910

    LNA in NH...how much per hour?

    LTC 2ND SHIFT 11.75
  6. RR910

    LNA Job Market in NH

    I to have my LNA and im glad you got a job,but to everyone else out there,if you want to work in a hospital they want you to have SOME kind of exp. no matter where it is from,truth is i dont think any hospital right now would look at and LNA right out of school with no exp,take what you can get,do well,and start applying for jobs after 6 months that way you have some exp,also take extra classes if you can,take a blod draw course if you want to it makes you more marketable than other LNAs,and personally i wouldnt work in home care right away,working with other LNAs helps you grow,i learned alot working in LTC and glad i did it first hope that helps!
  7. RR910

    Exeter vs Portsmouth

    where did you end up working?
  8. RR910


    id try online i went to walmart and found some are more expensive
  9. RR910

    Dress Code for Med Pro LNA Classes

    got my LNA class i had white crocs with a back strap with no holes,and no one said anything,they were kind of comfy but id get a 2nd pair mabye sneakers to switch it up if your going to be on your feet all day like i was
  10. RR910

    new lpn grad, finding jobs

    i would apply at nursing home to get some exp many hospitals dont hire LPNs also mabye look at Indeed.com or jobinnh.com,also im not sure how it works but mabye see about getting your Mass license to expand your options.
  11. RR910

    i cried tonight

    love that
  12. haha one night i get a phone call from some girl i ask what i can help her with and she says she wants the hospital CEO number,and i asked if there was something i can help her with and she says well collections keeps calling me and i ask have you talked to billing? she says well no,im like well..why do you need the hospital president number she says like its nothing.. ''well id like collections to stop calling me'' ....ya i directed her to call billing...:trout:
  13. iv heard of hairspray bottels up there to...*shivers*
  14. :chuckle:roll:trout: the faces say it all!
  15. RR910

    Elderly patient left on bedpan for days

    the state should come in and rip some people a new one this makes my blood boil! sorry for the launage but ehhh!:banghead:
  16. RR910


    thanks :) i cant waite to start school in the spring!!:nurse: