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Ivy Tech Spring '10 Nursing Program Students


Hey guys here is a new thread, now that we've started the program and aren't 'hopefuls' anymore!!

Did the powerpoints for the Nutrition lecture ever get posted to blackboard? I haven't checked yet.

The nutrition notes were posted.


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Peeking in to say hi! Nice thread we have here :)

Hi guys! Just checking out the new thread. Thanks for starting this one Chris. I need a chill pill right now..so much anxiety for this exam tomorrow. I've studied a lot so I should be fine, just doing my normal "freak out" session before test day. Good luck everyone... I'm sure we're all gonna do great. :heartbeat Remember we don't have lab tomorrow so no uniforms to sport. Is anyone practicing b/p yet? I borrowed a cuff from a family member who's in the medical field and been practicing.


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I started trying to practice BP and let me tell ya I stink! That silly screw just doesn't want to turn "just right". Practice makes perfect right??

Yay--a new thread! Thanks Chris!

I have practiced BP a few times on my hubby. He manages a home healthcare office, so he brought me a cuff from their storage room. Nobody else was using it, and I knew I could put it to good use! I also took my stuff to my neighbor's house b/c he's a paramedic, so he "checked my work" to make sure I didn't practice the wrong way.

As for the exam tomorrow, I am starting to get a bit nervous--especially since it's the first one. I'm also a bit excited for it because at least afterwards, I'll have a better idea of how I really need to be reading these chapters and preparing for future exams. I think there's just so much unknown right now b/c I've never done any of this before and it scares me that I'll study the wrong stuff or something. I am going to go over my lecture notes tonight and do the end-of-chapter questions for all of the assigned readings. I've read all of the assigned chapters, so hopefully the combination of those 3 things will prove successful!

I got a 10 on my first lab quiz (asepsis) and a 9 on my vitals quiz (missed an easy question--stupid mistake on my part!). It's funny how much time 10 minutes really is. I ended-up with almost 8 minutes to spare and I kicked myself for rushing and not taking the time to check the one answer that I was unsure about (the one I ended-up missing!)

Well, good luck on your first exam, everyone!! I hope we all do really well!

I missed one on each of the two quizzes, stupid mistakes. I didn't have anywhere near 8 min left though--I'm the type who tries to check and doublecheck everything against the textbook and that takes time finding the right pages/info.

Are there quizzes in Fundamentals somewhere that I'm not aware of? The syllabus says there are 40 pts for "Quizzes, unannounced quizzes, and activities" or something like that. I don't see any blackboard quizzes anywhere.

I need to get a BP cuff. I have an electronic cuff here at home but that obviously doesn't help me practice on a manual one! I think that they should make having a BP cuff part of the supplies list, not just optional.

Umm I hope everyone is prepared for me to stalk them in here as well :devil: I swear...I am going to take notes on what to expect ;) Good luck tomorrow guys!!

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Good luck on the first exam everyone! I'm sure you'll do fine! :)

Thanks Kgle and Lennon!

Kgle, stalk all you want LOL. . . we all know that it is best to have as much info as possible!

So how did everyone feel about the test?? I was relieved...and happy with my grade :)

Now that I know what to expect, I don't feel as stressed out!!

And um...how 'bout that topic of discussion at the end of class today? Awkward to say the least...

Hmmm.....Sunny, we must not have the same class b/c I don't recall any awkward discussions today? Do tell!

I felt really good about the test. I am very pleased with my grade and I feel more confident about the way I've been studying. The readings that they assign are annoying at first, but they are definitely helpful and they keep you honest about studying. Speaking of reading......I think that's where I'm going to head right now!

Lennon, thanks for keeping in touch with us! You're like our nursing form thread mentor! haha! Love it!

And Kgle, I'd stalk all day long if I were you! Go for it!


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LOL Sunny, I know we are in the same group now :) You know "it" is gonna happen eventually. Just gonna have to put on our game face and barf later.

I am glad to know what to expect on the tests, but was very disappointed with my score. Oh well, learning experience I guess. Doing all the reading certainly didn't help me, I think perhaps hitting the highlights and outlining the chapter may be a better option.

I wonder what the Assignments worth 10 pts each are going to be. They are not the same thing as the paper, nutrition thing, or presentation. I just checked my exam score and am pleased. Do we get our scantrons back and a copy of the exam to see which ones we missed?

For Pharm this week, is she just finishing last week's powerpoints? I don't see any new powerpoints posted for this week.


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Pop quiz maybe? Was it in lecture? I don't show those for my section.

Yeah in my gradebook for Nrsg 100 it shows a line for Unannounced Quiz (10 pts), then there are three lines each worth 10 pts, labeled Quiz/Activity #1, Quiz/Activity/#2, and Quiz/Activity #3.