Is the WIA grant for any nursing student??

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Hello Everyone!

I just got accepted to a LPN program 50 miles away from my home! At this point I'll drive 200 miles to ginally get this accomplished!! My financail aid advisor told me to look into the WIA grant to help me pay my tuition!

I read some stuff on it, but it's still not clear! I live in New Orleans and the government here is not really on their feet with education and government aid for people who truly need it!!:crying2:


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The grants are not just for nursing students and there are specific criteria to be met such as unemployed or displaced workers as well as financial guidelines. Grants are generally applied for through the one stop career center.

One Stop Locator:

Information from the state dept of labor about WIA grants:

Thanks mom-n-student, I just found out about WIA grants and am going to a one stop center tomorrow to apply. Wish me luck, and good luck to you as well OP!

What state are you in? We used to have something in Michigan similar called NWLB (no worker left behind) but the money is all gone now. Ive never heard of a one stop center where I live. Does the state or the federal gov dole this money out?

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It's a federal program administered by state offices. One Stop Career Centers are throughout the nations. WIA may be called different things. I think at this point the WIA grants are limited to states with high unemployment like LA & NJ

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I received WIA assistance when I was in LPN school. It was great. There are guidelines for it, financial and such. I know I qualified because I was a single mom and was low income.

Some states like Indiana call it WAG now. Workforce Accereration Grant. You have to qualify and the amt can vary every year but it is a great program. If you get accepted (it might be a year to get in) be sure to do all the paperwork properly or you will be dropped. I have forms that my instructors sign at the end of every class.

I applied for the WIA or workforce investment act, here in Indiana. It was a great program! They paid my entire tuition, helped with uniforms, books, utilities and even gas vouchers. It was a quick and easy process. Good luck :)

Yep, it sounds like the same program here that I applied to 2 years ago. They would not pay for pre-reqs at the time and I just finished my last pre-req and was goign to reapply this July and that is when they announced they were out of money! Figures. The program only lasted about 2 years in Michigan,as long as it takes to get the pre-reqs done, what a joke.

im in louisiana


HOPEFULLY this messed up state still offers it, cuz lord know it will help!! Jobs arent too great here in New Orleans, so i'll take what i can get. Its not easy trying to accomplish Nursing, having to work and being a single mom, but i am not giving up!! :redbeathe

Hi everyone. I was recently told to check out WIA (or WIOA) and I'm lost at what it is and how it helps. Can anyone who's done it offer some information? How to get it, what does it cover, would it also help in housing? Oh I'm currently starting an accelerated nursing program next month in a different state. Thanks in advance :)

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