Is being a nurse really that bad?

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Now don't get me wrong, reading the posts here has really made me want to become a nurse. But then I keep hearing about the instructors, tests, and all the stuff you have to memorize. I'm just wondering if it is going to be all that bad? I mean I think if you have the will to survive, and stick with it, then you can make it. I mean it can't be as hard as becoming a doctor, right? I just want to know if anyone had any doubts in themselves? Like was there ever a moment when you wondered "What was I thinking?" What made you get up every morning.

I will start college in the fall, right now I'm doing nothing cause I graduated a semester early so I could work, so I'm saving up money for all of those rainy days. So I have to take all of my pre-reqs before I'm a offical nursing student.

Also I don't know why I want to become a nurse. Is that strange?Like all of my friends are becoming teachers. I don't think I will fully know why until I fully experience it. I'm just trying to figure everything out, wondering if I can do it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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I like you could not tell anyone why I decided to be a nurse when I decided to be a nurse. However, once I did it I loved it!!!

You ask is it really that bad? Well, that depends. Depends on who you work with, the management running the show, and if you can live with the fact that sometimes really crappy things happen no matter what you do or don't do. I look at it like this;

I can't make your roof not leak, your bills get paid, or your family not be "dynamic", but if I can make the situation be as OK as I possibly can, even if it is the worst situation you have ever been in, then I have done y job.

Oh, and sometimes people are just a**holes. No matter what.


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Dear Holly,

I am writing you in response to your question "Is Nursing School really that bad." Yes, Nursing School is tough, and there will be many nights you are up late studying, but you can definitely do it! I had a GREAT study group when I was in school. We would all go to someone's house and study, eat, and study some more. The eating didn't enhance our figures by any means, but the studying sure did help. Studying with a group was more enjoyable for me. We all had our own ways of learning and we each incooperated these learning styles into our study group. Some of us would make flash cards, the others would ask questions straight from the book, while others thought they had to buy Mosby book known to man and study all of them. Personally what I found most helpful was using an N-Clex book for studying. My book broke the information down into outline form,and I would look up whichever aspects I had questions about. I wasn't a staright A student but I made A's and B's. I worked only part-time and I am a single mother of 2 girls. I admit I had doubts, but I knew that Nursing is what I WANTED to do, so I made it happen.

Good luck to you!!!!!


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I actually enjoyed school, for the most part. Yeah nursing school can be tough but anything worth having is worth working for in my opinion....I am sure like anyone else there will certain parts of nursing school that come quite naturally to you, and other parts that you swear were being taught in Pig Latin...:confused: I am not 100% sure what my motivation was to become a nurse. I don't come from a family of nurses (matter of fact, most of my family members toss their cookies the minute they see blood:D)...

Most days I enjoy being a nurse. What I don't enjoy most days is the endless paperwork and some of the stupid rules and games management comes up with for us. I truly enjoy taking care of people. I have met some really fascinating people in the 8 years I have been a pt from Austria originally who lost his parents and siblings in the concentration camps in Europe during war. Sad story. I have met people of incredible courage and faith, both in my co-workers and my patients...the good outweighs the bad on most days...

Teachers have bad days too. They also have tons of paperwork to do, plus the added worry in that some kid might be packing some kind of weapon to school....dealing with parents who believe their kid NEVER does anything get buried in bureaucratic red tape....I do not have any desire to be a school teacher....even with the time off in the summer....

You can definitely become a nurse if you want to and work for it. Find a support person if you can during your years in nursing school. Make this person your "cheerleader", talk you out of quitting school when the road gets rough...someone you can talk to...My "cheerleader" was my husband. Without his support and encouragement I probably would dropped out of nursing school. He convinced me that I could do it. I am so glad he didn't let me give up...

Personal question here, you don't have to answer if you don't want...are you out of high school or getting ready to graduate this spring? A lot of times your school guidance counselor can arrange for you to shadow a nurse for a day or two so you can observe what really happens. You may want to check into this (if you are still in school).

Best wishes....



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You might want to check out the "student nursing" forum on this BB.


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I mean it can't be as hard as becoming a doctor, right?


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Originally posted by Holly84 I mean it can't be as hard as becoming a doctor, right?

I think Stargazer said it best..."Sigh!"


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I have been a nurse for ten years. I've given it my best. And yes, I ask myself "what was I thinking?" nearly every day.

It has it's rewards, but much of what a nurse experiences is truly ugly.

I recommend that you go over every board in this forum, and see what nurses are saying about their experiences. This board truly shows the"good, the bad, and the ugly" of nursing.

All the best to you!

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No it's not all that bad. We just have a message board where we can ventilate our concerns, frustratioins, failures, and challenges.

But it has to be a career you REALLY REALLY want to do. Because to make it takes a lot of dertimination and strength. It's very tough.

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The work is harder than being a doc. We have to know the answer and then know how to make the doc think he thought of it. The buck stops with nursing, so if anyone has a question, or complaint they go to the nurse.

Yes nursing school is hard, and doubly so because you know that if you don't study you could kill someone someday- but anything worth doing is going to be hard.


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I mean it can't be as hard as becoming a doctor, right? [/b]

i double that


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In response to your quote regarding nursing being easier than being a doctor- Don't ever say that! It's just kind of taboo and you will get a lot of negative feedback if you ever say that to any self respecting nurse. Just a FYI.

Nursing school is challenging. If you want it bad then you will finish. Good Luck!

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