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Is this normal after a job interview?


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I was called in for a general human resources interview nearly 3 weeks ago. While I was there the nurse recruiter seemed impressed with me, and called in the nurse manager of the NICU. (I did my internship in a NICU and I told her that was my dream job) She said there had just been an opening that hadn't been posted yet, and I could interview for it that day. So I was thrilled! I spoke with the NICU nurse manager, got a tour of the unit, and met with some other members of the team in labor and delivery and mother/baby unit. I felt it went pretty well. They told me since the posting was new it needed to be up at least one week before they could hire someone and they would call me then.

A week later the nurse recruiter called me back and told me the managers really liked me on that unit, but needed to have the job posted for another week. (I didn't quite remember why) She told me she would call a week later, but now it has been over a week and a half. I feel I'm being blown off! Is this a normal amount of time for this process?

*Additional note: I did call the hospital and try to speak to the nurse recruiter who interviewed me. I was told they couldn't even transfer my call there, and it's their policy that no one can call in to that office because they are "so busy interviewing people all the time." I was just told to keep checking my email.

*Additional note of confusion: The job is not even posted on the web site along with other positions, so I am super confused just who they're waiting on.

Thoughts? Advice? Thanks!


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yea this is pretty normal, the market for nursing is on the side of the employer right now so i think this is common. I just got a job and was told i would be called a certain day but was not called for days after, thinking that i was not going to get the job. keep your head up and if you feel it, just go in and show your face again.

I was also called nearly three months after I was told they would call. But during the initial interview I remember the interviewer stating that the position was open, but the vacancy had no funding. As soon as funding arrived I was called. Wait a bit and see, but continue looking.

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If you have her email send her a short note.

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Follow-up by mailing the interviewer a thank-you card. Thank her for granting you an interview, and let her know that you are appreciative of any current or future opportunities that he/she has to offer.

This tactic will positively keep your name within their radar.

Maybe you got one-upped by a better candidate, but then maybe things are just delayed. I would take the previous suggestions to make certain you thank the person who interviewed you and you should definitely keep on top of this. Good luck.

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Chances are they had to post the job internally before they could open it up to an outside person.

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This happened to me as well.They had a spot for a part time night RPN that I applied for.Before I went in for the interview the HR lady emailed me to tell me that they had to post the position internally before they could interview outside nurses.I still went for the interview and she told me that she would call a week later if I got the position.She called over 3 weeks later to tell me I had gotten the job.Just wait it out.

Whenever there is an opening they will review and interview the entire pool of prospective applicants including the ones before and after you. Or, they are still posting the position and have not made a decision yet. Often when people who interview us say a week they do not mean it literally as in 7 days from that day, it could be an estimate. Unfortunately who have no control over who these organizations choose to hire. If they will not take calls it means they have a policy of don't call us well call you. Showing up could make it look like you are pushy and do not respect their boundaries. If it were me I would keep on interviewing.