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Is there anyone out there just beginning this process?

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Hello All,

I'm brand new to the site. Just stumbled across this website and have read so much information from all of you. I want to thank you all! All of you have so much knowledge and experience and give me so much inspiration. I am changing careers late in my life (I feel) and have read most of the posts regarding that --and again, thank you! I have decided this change due to the fact I feel I am being drawn towards this. Through my entire life I have been around or worked in the Health Care area and my kids are (semi) grown and out of the house now, things have taken a turn and so I feel like its "my time" now. To get to the point...........I'm feeling all alone here.....Is there anyone out there that has just started this venture and would like a chat partner to go through this experience with? I'm just starting my pre reqs and will be awaiting acceptance into the nursing program at the local college. I haven't attended school in like..22 years. I plan to stay connected to this website, once again --- Thanks for all the helpful hints and great experiences that all of you share ...I've cried several times over stories already and used information that I'm sure to need in the future. Thanks again!

ta, this forum mostly has people who are already nurses and, in rare instances, other health care workers transitioning to the RN role. Everyone is attending a "distance" college.

No one here is just beginning with pre-reqs. You can't do any of the distance programs without licensure.

Try the pre-nursing student forums. There will be plenty of people just starting the journey.

I began mine at 52. You're not alone. And good luck!



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Thread moved to Pre-Nursing Student forum to encourage more responses.

ta, here's an ongoing thread about us Coots (some are Cootier than others :chuckle) starting out:


You may want to post there. There's lot of support in that thread!

I am 50 and just finished my prereqs. When I went back to school last September, it had been 11 years since I finished my Ph.D., but 36 YEARS since I had taken chemistry or biology! Hoo boy, was I nervous! I need not have been. I have loved this journey so much and am now an official chemistry addict. :)


Yours in Cootiness,


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Is there anyone out there that has just started this venture and would like a chat partner to go through this experience with?

Hey, TA! This coming Thursday is my first day of college. I'm only taking Eng 101, and right now I'm only doing 1 class (I have a 6 and nearly 3 yo that come first right now). I'm planning on applying to nursing school for the fall 2012 semester if all goes according to plan.

This is my 2nd semester starting out :) I am taking APHY 101 and Interpersonal communications right now, and later in the semester I will be taking college writing and my requried math class. Good luck!

I am changing careers at 40 and nursing is for me. I will be starting in the spring 09. I will be here alot looking for information and friendship.

I am also changing careers and am taking pre-nursing classes. I'm 38. I've been working in the financial industry for almost 2 years, but my background is largely in health-related fields.

I am currently enrolled in BIO 101 and Child Psych. I am really excited but know I have a long road ahead. :)

Good luck to all of you!

I'm 46 and changing careers.....it's alot of work but very rewarding when you get that final grade and have completed another class....you'll love it here. So many knowledgeable people.

I am 28, mom of 4 and i have just started my pre-req's. I was scared to death to walk in there. i thought i would be older than everyone and lost and out of date. boy was i wrong. i attend a community college and there are a ton of people that are my age if not older than me. my campus was built specifically for the nursing program so the majority of my classes are pre-nursing students.

i am taking english, math, psychology, and medical terminology. yikes!!! it's alot of work for me but i know i can do it. It helps to have my family rooting me on.

you can do it!! :yeah:

o wow...I am glad someone else is as nervous as i...No offense haha...But i start my pre-req as NCP College of Nursing In South San Francisco and i am REALLY nervous...I have never liked Biology, Science etc...But here i am pursing a career in that related field...I am so scared that i will get there and have no idea what they are talking about because i don't know much about science etc...And you are NEVER too old to get educated, i say GO YOU!! For wanting and going to do this...Good luck with everything...I will check back to this post later...maybe we can keep in touch as we are doing the pre-req...I dont know about you but i am terrified at the thought of going there and making a fool of myself..:(...lol

Oo...I am starting my Pre-Req too to get into the LVN program...So nervous that i will do bad...I haven't been to school in a while and have never been the best at Biology, Physiology and Anatomy...Its scary!! I start on Wednesday and its Sunday today...Heres to hoping that this will not be as scary as it sounds...Want to keep in touch as we do the program??? I would love to have a chat buddy to talk with as i do this...and maybe cyber study hahaha...goodluck and happy goings with everything :D

I am also starting my journey into a second career. I start my pre reqs on Thursday. I dont feel as nervous as I thought I would. I feel really excited and feel that this is what I am supposed to be doing. I have been in the same career for 12 years and it is not what I want to do anymore, I have always wanted to be a nurse and now is the time, I can feel it!!! I am taking Eng 101 and MAT 0075 at my local Community College. I am going part time so I think it will be at least a year or two before I apply to a nursing program!! Well good luck to all. :yeah:

Just want to thank you all for moving my post. I didn't know how to work the site yet. Thanks to all for your replies. I am really motivated now. I have talked to many people regarding nursing. I think maybe I was trying to find something to talk myself out of it. Now that I have read alot of the posts.....I am alot like all of you. I thought I was going to have to be tough headed and keep myself motivated on my own. But now, I have a WORLD of people to connect with. Thanks! I will keep in touch.

I too am starting pre req's tomorrow! :eek: I am pretty nervous but very excited at the same time! Good Luck to everyone

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